Meet Travis White, visionary behind Elegant Touch Landscape

| July 27, 2015
The Journey is the Destination By Jamal Robinson

The Journey is the Destination
By Jamal Robinson

By Jamal Robinson

Special to Frost Illustrated

I mentioned in my last article that I would write about life, community and culture with a global perspective. That would not be possible without my passion for entrepreneurship. I believe we all should be entrepreneurs in some capacity in our lives. Actually, we are all entrepreneurs. This week, I wanted to take the time and interview an entrepreneur that turned his passion into a business.

I believe we all should have a dream and no matter what–follow that dream until you achieve and surpass it. Life is short, so let’s continue to dream, together–anything is possible.

I’ve decided to ask 10 questions by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to give an inside look at how some have made their dreams a reality. For my first 10 by 10 conversation, I’d like to introduce Travis White.

JR: Please introduce yourself and business.

Travis White

Travis White

TW: I am the father of two daughters, Maddison (five) and McKenzie (four) and graduate of The University of Kansas where I was an All American and three-time collegiate champion before serving our country in the Marine Corps. It was during my time in the Marines, I began my  journey into perfecting his craft of lawn maintenance and care.  I founded Elegant Touch Landscape three years ago with a passion and idea.


JR: Define entrepreneurship to you?

TW: Entrepreneurship, to me, is working for yourself along with being able to provide others with employment opportunities and goals to better their family.


JR: Why do you continue to push yourself?

TW: In life, I’ve lost friends and someone I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I’m focused on turning what was once a dream into a reality. Wanting to be the best and proving those that I’ve lost was worth the wait.


JR: Why do you think entrepreneurs are important to today’s society?

TW: The world around us is changing. Things are getting more advanced. As, entrepreneurs we are the key to the future.

JR: How do you establish relationships with other entrepreneurs?

TW: Networking and letting your work speak for itself. Ask questions and never be afraid to ask for help.

JR: Why is it beneficial to work with other entrepreneurs?

Landscaping is a competitive business–it’s much better to have friends than be in competition with every other truck.

JR: Who do you surround yourself with (what type of individuals)?

TW: God isn’t done with me yet but He’s placed people in my life that are supportive and hungry for success.


JR: What is your advice for an entrepreneur at any level, start up or already seen success?

TW: Don’t give up. If you believe you can, you can.


JR: Do you need a plan of action to be successful?

TW: I always have a plan of action because things never go, as they should. I believe with proper planning and perseverance you can make it through anything.


JR: Final Thoughts:

TW: When I first started mowing, I wasn’t very good.  Over time I developed a style that isn’t seen very many places. A broken heart gave me the drive and design work you see today. Life is what you make it. Never give up on yourself, even if all you have is yourself. I believe in aiming for the moon because even if you miss, you will be among the stars.

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