Fallout over ‘patriot’ Cliven Bundy’s remarks could have far reaching impact

| April 25, 2014

Again, we encourage you to follow this story because we believe Bundy has a lot of supporters among people some of you consider “friends.” And, again, we don’t believe his supporters are surprised about his views. You mean to tell us that the nation’s top provider of “fair news” didn’t look into this man’s background before proclaiming him a hero? No way they’d ever be that shoddy in coverage. You mean to tell us that leading conservative lawmakers didn’t have staff to thoroughly research the man and his situation? No way they’d ever be that incompetent. So, either we’re faced with shoddy work (and in all fairness, we’ve made mistakes we’ve owned up to by being in a hurry) and incompetence, or these folks really sympathize with him and say so in closed company and merely are embarrassed that their latest patriot hero is so upfront with his sentiments and that he turned over the race hole card they’ve been playing for all to see.


Bundy's racist remarks cause a stir in WashingtonBundy’s racist remarks cause a stir in Washington

(CNN) – What started out as a standoff over land rights may be turning into a controversy over race.

Racist comments from Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy – who earlier this month appeared to win a highly publicized standoff against federal authorities over his two-decade long illegal grazing of cattle on public land – are giving Democrats a new weapon to attack some top Republicans who earlier came to Bundy’s defense.

And the controversial comments also call into question moves by Fox News and some conservative media that highlighted the story and painted Bundy as a hero in his battle against federal authorities.

via Bundy’s racist remarks cause a stir in Washington – Crossfire – CNN.com Blogs.

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