Recognize nurses, say ‘thank you’

| May 8, 2013

JUST SO YOU KNOW By Denise M. Jordan

National Nurses Week always runs from May 6 through May 12. May 6 is National Nurses’ Day and May 12 is the birthday of Florence Nightengale, the founder of modern nursing. This year’s theme, as identified by the American Nurses Association, is Delivering Quality and Innovation in patient care. Let’s take this opportunity to recognize the nurses who have made a difference in your life. Let’s take the time to say thanks.

I want to thank one of the nurses who cared for my dad at a local hospital. I hope he recognizes himself in this scenario because I don’t remember his name. I just remember that he was so good. So kind. So patient.

My sister and I were visiting my dad and at some time during the morning, the staff got him out of bed and into a chair. A blanket was draped across his lap. We had been visiting for a while when my sister just happen to walk past the chair and looked down. On the floor, between the bed and the chair, was a pool of blood. Evidently the cap had popped off of one of his several I.V.s and blood had leaked out.

“Lord, Jesus!” I cried. “Get the nurse.”

My sister literally ran out the door and got dad’s nurse. He took one look and got to work. He got the I.V. capped, my dad assessed, the blood cleaned up, and me and my sister calmed down.

I know some of you are thinking aren’t you a nurse? Well, yes, I am. And, I am usually very calm. But in that moment, at that time, when I saw my dad’s blood puddled on the floor, I was a family member. I needed the caring, the expertise, and the support that nurses give. I am sure I thanked him then, but I want to take this much calmer, saner, moment to say thank you again. Thank you for the caring that you took of my father and our family. I will never forget it. I’m glad to say that I have been one who has cared for others and when it was my turn, the caring was there. I recognized it. I appreciated it. I thank you for it.

National Nurses Week is May 6 through 12. Recognize the nurses in your life. Say thank you.


This article originally appeared in our May 1, 2013 issue.


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