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The Supreme Court affirms right of rich to buy government influence

| April 2, 2014

We’re all about honesty, so it’s about time someone put it all in the open and let it be known that politics is about being bought and sold. Folks can buy the politicians needed to make the laws they need to profit and if you’re poor, well, these are the breaks. This also means folks […]

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A retrograde Supreme Court

| August 13, 2013

By Lee A. Daniels—No matter how much some commentators try to spin the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman as an example that the legal system worked properly, the freeing of Trayvon Martin’s killer actually underscores multiple bitter truths. One is that for black Americans, “the law” has more often been predator than protector.

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Supreme Court Justice equates black voting rights with ‘racial entitlements’

| March 13, 2013

By George E. Curry
WASHINGTON—In the oral arguments recently before the Supreme Court to determine whether a key section of the Voting Rights Act should be upheld, Justice Antonin Scalia referred to the provision as “perpetuation of racial entitlement.”

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