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Church leadership: Who’s on second

| October 10, 2013

ROAD RULES by the Rev. Anthony Payton Those who know me, will tell you that I am big on leadership. I believe leadership is fundamental to business, community, home and the church. “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” is a basic principle that I live by and a principle that is applicable across every spectrum […]

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No ‘absence of malice’ in gossip

| July 19, 2013

There is perhaps no other group that is the target of lies and gossip like pastors and preachers—particularly African American pastors and preachers. There are those that enjoy targeting those of us that lead and serve churches and communities. I knew that when I accepted my call into the ministry and have seen the escalation of it—in my own life, after becoming a pastor. I hate gossip, for multiple reasons: because I’ve received my own fair share of hurt and pain due to words spoken about me behind my back, I have seen the damage it does to others and because what the Bible says about it.

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