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‘Race is being looked at’ as possible motive in Detroit driver attack

| April 8, 2014

Racism from ANY  corner goes against the will of the GOD who created all peoples. We don’t buy the argument that “black people can’t be racist” because of the dynamics of power, etc. And, frustration is no excuse. Folks aren’t going to like this question but, isn’t it time people in this country—OF ALL RACES—rise […]

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The Supreme Court affirms right of rich to buy government influence

| April 2, 2014

We’re all about honesty, so it’s about time someone put it all in the open and let it be known that politics is about being bought and sold. Folks can buy the politicians needed to make the laws they need to profit and if you’re poor, well, these are the breaks. This also means folks […]

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The ‘mis-education’ of a society: Take 28 days to ‘know me’

| February 20, 2014

This is dedicated to those who had to hear the common questions “When is it Caucasian History Month?” or “Why is there not a White History Month?”

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Things ain’t all that bad all the time

| July 23, 2013

It’s easy to get a skewed view of the world—especially if you believe some of us in the media. If you believe everything that you read, it seems that every inch of every city block is filled with unsavory characters waiting to prey upon you in the worst imaginable ways. That’s what folks keep telling […]

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A moment of silence, please

| July 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin is dead. A moment of silence, please…             George Zimmerman has been acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin and his life is changed forever. A moment of silence, please…             Observe that moment of silence and during it, pray for the affected families—pray for […]

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Fear not for tomorrow: Government surveillance and black helicopters

| July 11, 2013

Is it just me? Am I missing something? I’m constantly beguiled but pleasantly amused by all the videos and post on the Internet predicting gloom and doom—particularly the ones by a “billionaire predicting financial ruin for America.” The others that get me are the ones about the “impending police state” that threatens American civil liberties. […]

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Does America need a dose of Sharia law?

| July 3, 2013

Okay. I’m no expert, so please ignore some of my oversimplifications when it comes to analysis, but here goes: Apparently (I like that word—it suits my non-committal way of looking at the world), the West and the East, once again, are involved in some huge religious war. (Those of you who are of a spiritual as opposed to a legalistic, religious bent may well not even worry about this.) The Christian and Muslim world views have collided on the highway of extremism.

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Trayvon Martin case shouldn’t be race-based

Trayvon Martin case shouldn’t be race-based

| July 2, 2013

Here’s the scenario: I’m in a nightclub I frequent regularly and I see I guy whose look I don’t like. Mind you, this guy is with other people doing other things and I haven’t seen him do anything untoward as of yet—I just don’t like his look. I tell the bouncer at the club that I see this guy who just doesn’t look right to me. The bouncer, who is somewhat acquainted with me, tells me, “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll go check it out.” I say, “Let me!” The bouncer says, “I got this. Just give me a minute.” I don’t listen.

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