Spotlight on Phoenix Manor March Madness Senior Ball and St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

| April 4, 2017
Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

By Jeanie Summerville

What’s up, babies?

As always, I hope all if well with you and yours and that, you’re still taking time out of your schedules to bring yourselves some well deserved joy, beauty, happiness and some form of peace of mind because the Senior Citizens at Phoenix Manor are.  Check this out: I was invited to attend a special event that they were having on Sunday March 19, 2017. As I stepped through the dining room doors, all I saw was their beautiful faces and they were dressed so elegantly and the room was decorated so lovely that I almost starting clapping because seeing these seniors enjoying themselves brought me joy.  And, as I mingled with the crowd, a mysterious looking  leprechaun skipped through the door and around the room. It was wonderful and come to find out this leprechaun was the woman responsible for this spectacular event.  On that note, we bring her to you and some of the other senior residence so they can share how much they appreciate her and what a great time they had.  So just sit back, relax and enjoy as Frost Illustrated takes you there:

Louisa Malone

Louisa Malone

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Louisa Malone and I’ve been living here at Phoenix Manor for about seven years and I’ve been having special events here ever since so that we can fellowship and have fun together while we eat a good nutritious meal that I prepare for everyone in attendance.

“I love to cook. That’s my field. I use to work at restaurants and managed them.  The food I prepared for this event consisted of  chuck beef roast, baked chicken, Cajun turkey/regular turkey, pork rum roast, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans, cabbage, corn bread and two different cheese cakes for dessert.

“I do what I do for them because they enjoy it and I do too.  I’m going to continue having events every other month and we also have a lot of outside people come to join us as well.  I’d really like to get a grant for these events and that’s what I’m working on because I want them to be bigger and better each time.  I also did all of the decorations along with my daughter Dominique because she’s good at decorating too and she has a decorating business.

Phoenix Manor residents enjoy karaoke during their March Madness St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Phoenix Manor residents enjoy karaoke during their March Madness St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

“Since our theme was a March Madness Senior Ball and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day too, I dressed as a leprechaun because I knew it would be fun for me and for everyone else.  Also, everyone had fun singing karaoke and listening to the karaoke host Brian D. Vance from Big Dawg Variety Show Entertainment.  We have another event coming up on May 19, 2017 and I’m not sure what the theme will be but the colors are red and black and it will be open to the public as well.  Plus, we’re going to have a band for our entertainment and we’re going to have fun, so mark your calendars and join us.”

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Cora Jordan and this event was great, everything was fantastic and the food was delicious and healthy.  Lou always cooks good healthy foods for us as we all fellowship together and grow older together and have clean, nice fun.  We don’t have to go outside this building to have fun and I like that because I don’t drive, so it’s a good thing for me and everybody else that’s here, it’s real great.  Lou knows about everybody’s taste buds and how to do it because some of us can’t eat what we used to but she knows, how to get it together and break it on down for us and that’s a good thing.  

Carol Hightire, Cora Jordan and Carolyn Bell.

Carol Hightire, Cora Jordan and Carolyn Bell.

“It was fun getting dressed up too because we got the chance to wear our clothes that’s been hanging in our closets that we haven’t worn in a while.  So we got dressed up, was looking pretty and we fellowship together.  Outside people got a chance to come and fellowship with us and we had clean nice music.  We’re getting old and we’re keeping everything clean and real.  I’m looking forward to the next event and the parties aren’t just for us we have our children, grandchildren and great grand children and we have parties for them and some of the residence bring their children and everything is just so great here with these people.

“I’ve been living here at Phoenix Manor every since they opened in 2003 along with two other ladies and we we’re the first ones to move in but they’re deceased now and I’m still here and I’m very happy here because we look after one another.  Last year in May, I was in the hospital for Mothers Day and then I had to go back and have serious surgery in August and some of the ladies and men here were so nice, they brought me food, they cleaned my apartment and they checked on me.  Everything here is just gorgeous. I love it and I recommend to anybody that wants to get old and be like The Golden Girls or The Golden Men to come to Phoenix Manor with us.”

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Carolyn Bell and I enjoyed that evening very much.  It was like, having an evening out, only it was an evening in and I had a wonderful time.  Thank you, Ms. Lou, for using your creative ideas so that we Seniors, can have some fun and don’t have to leave our building and it was wonderful getting dressed up for this too.  I’ve lived here since 2009 and she’s been having fun events for us every since she came here and her events are getting bigger and more wonderful as she thinks them up, so we’ve been having a wonderful time with Ms. Lou in the building.  The food is always delicious and a lot of times she has things that you normally wouldn’t cook for one person so, we all get to enjoy a great dish.  The decorations was very creative in a shamrock green and I’m looking very forward to the event in May, I can’t wait.  We have a good time at Phoenix Manor because we enjoy ourselves since tomorrow is not promised to anyone.”

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Carol Hightire and I was invited to this event by Mary Hambright who is a resident there and I had a fantastic time because I wanted to do something different.  The food was delicious and I really enjoyed seeing Lou dressed as a leprechaun, the atmosphere was great and I enjoyed it.”

Now in closing I say, fantastic job Lou and thank you so much for lifting everyone’s spirits and showering them with love.  So until next week you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie.  Bye bye, babies.

P.S.  If you’d like The Spotlight shined upon you or someone you know, in the name of love, send me an email to  I’d love to hear from you.

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