Spotlight on MLK Club Clergy of The Year 2017 Prophet Cedric L. Walker Sr.

| January 26, 2017
Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

By Jeanie Summerville

What’s up, babies?

If you missed the Martin Luther King Jr. Club Ninth Annual Breakfast with the Clergy, you missed out on a lot of beauty, joy, happiness, fun and excitement because it was totally fantastic!  But, I’m not the kind of woman to rub it in, so don’t fret because Frost Illustrated is going to take you there and this is what happened:

This event took place at the Grand Wayne Convention Center on Monday Jan. 16 and it was beautifully decorated and there were 290 to 300 people in attendance who had smiles on their faces while the prestigious resident of the MLK Club, Bennie Edwards, welcomed everyone. The master of ceremony was the Rev. Christopher Riley who always does a fantastic job; the invocation was by Pastor Lester Bush of Dupree Memorial Church and breakfast then was served.  Inspirational music was by Miss Ruby B. Sister Karla Doty was the soloist from Turner Chapel AME Church. The introduction of the speaker was by the Rev. Riley, and words of inspiration came from Archbishop Willie Bolden of The Well Church—and it was totally beautiful.

The introduction for the Clergy of The Year 2017 was given by Dr. Anthony Payton of Come As You Are Church who was the 2016 Clergy of The Year.  Then the 2017 Clergy of The Year recipient Prophet Cedric L. Walker of Joshua’s Temple was called to the stage to receive his plaque, take photo’s and share how important this day is to him.

The closing remarks came from the lovely Vice President of MLK Club Fran Grant and Sheryl Edwards and they did a wonderful job as usual. The Rev Donovan Coley shared that he’s spearheading a group of black men who are putting together an initiative for young black men. Acknowledgement of churches represented at the breakfast was read by the Rev. Riley and the benediction came from Pastor Bush.

On that note, we’re going to share with you the interview that was conducted the very next day of the event so that all of us could enjoy the MLK Unity Day Celebration that took place after breakfast.  And, now you shall know how Prophet Walker felt about being chosen as the Clergy of the Year and afterward, we’ll share his biography that was provided in MLK’s Souvenir Booklet.  So at this time all we’d like for you to do is just sit back, relax and feel the love:

Prophet Cedric Walker (left) receives the Clergy of the Year Award from MLK Club President Bennie Edwards.

Prophet Cedric Walker (left) receives the Clergy of the Year Award from MLK Club President Bennie Edwards.

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Prophet Cedric L. Walker Sr., and being chosen as the Clergy of The Year, humbled me.  It wasn’t something I was expecting at all and when they told me about it back in November, it came completely as a surprise.  I didn’t feel like I was ready for anything like that because I was just busy doing what it is that we do and it kind of blew me away and I’m still swimming in the atmosphere of amazement.

“At this very moment, my wife Vixen and I are very excited because we just received the last part of our capitol for one of our Joshua’s Hands Inc., project and received $2.5 million to start phase one of a $44 million Housing and Development Project called Prosperity Heights.  I’m still trying to figure out how I’m feeling but I do know, I’m feeling elated but more than anything, I’m grateful to God because I know it’s totally by His grace.  It had nothing to do with any know how that I had because I have no skill development where that’s concerned and no background.  God just chose me for this project and He brought very special people into my circle who knew a whole lot more about how to get done what God had shown me and, as a result, we’re about to break ground in March.  We started on this journey almost five years ago with no money at all and no specialized training, it’s all by the grace of God and that’s why I always say, we have to have faith in our God and our churches.      

“I also need our youth to know, I believe that you should really consider finding out why God put you here and let that be your number one priority.  Find the answer and then, figure out how to carry them out and you do that through education, spirituality, mentors, experiences and work.  All of these things together, plays a role, to figure out and understand why you’re here.

“Now, I’d like to say some words, about my wife because she’s one of the most loving, kind and Godly women that I’ve ever known and actually when I met her, she helped me get a better perspective on faith.  She was not your typical church girl and she was a Godly woman who lives a life of character and integrity.  She helped me to be honest with myself about a lot of things so, she helped me grow and loves me unconditionally.” “Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Vixen Simone Walker, I’m his wife and I‘d like for you to know that  as a pastor and as my pastor, he’s very dedicated and committed to God and to the ways of God and he’s very sincere and he cares about people.  He’s very passionate about God and he’s very passionate about seeing people get Him in their lives and for that, I’m really grateful to have a partner that’s able to see beyond himself.  He’s loving, kind, funny and we have a lot of fun together.  As my husband, he’s very relatable and, I can be myself and he allows me to be myself and for me to walk in my gifts.  I don’t have to diminish in order for him to shine, we both can shine.  I’m very grateful to be a part of his life and I’m grateful that he’s a part of mine.  This is so beautiful and now, his biography, enjoy.”

Prophet Walker’s Biography 

“Prophet Cedric L. Walker Sr., a native of Fort Wayne, Indiana was born to the Rev. and Mrs. Dr. Samuel Walker Jr., and his father also served as a pastor in our community for 53 years.  Prophet Walker graduated from South Side High School and attended Taylor University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Education from Arkansas Institute of biblical studies.  After faithful service, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College bringing 25 plus years of spiritual, family and business leadership to Community Development.

“Cedric is currently the founder and senior Pastor of Joshua’s Temple Church, as well as, founder and CEO of Joshua’s Hand Inc. Dr. Walker has occupied seats on various boards in service of the community.  His mission in Southeast Fort Wayne is, to build the kind of local church where seekers of God will feel Forgiven, Loved, Accepted, Affirmed and Safe.  To assist the community in helping underserved persons replace the destructive habits that lead to poverty and homelessness with positive, supportive and transformative services designed to promote self-leadership, hope and well-being while transitioning into safe, decent and affordable permanent housing, in short, rebuilding a community you’ll want to come home to.  His scripture of purpose is Isaiah 61:1-4, 7-9.  This involves the revitalization of communities located within the 46806, 07 and 15 zip codes by working with the city of Fort Wayne and other partners to encourage community development and economic stabilization.  

“His ministry uses Life Development strategies for personal growth in the residents and Creative Housing Strategies for the community that include: Rentals, Lease to purchase, Restoration, Homeowner Rehabilitation and New Homes using government subsidized and Conventional Mortgage products.  Joshua’s Hand is now poised and positioned to develop 28 acres of land into “Posterity Heights” building a legacy for generations to come.  Comprising of 150 mixed housing units; Posterity Scholar House Apartments; Posterity Place Town Homes, Posterity Point Market Rate Homes and Posterity Village Retail Center making a $44 Million investment in Southeast Fort Wayne in the spring of 2017.  

“Finally, his personal life mission is, to Live, Learn, Invest, Value and Expect so that your reward for living will be a life worth living, that he might teach others how to Conquer Life and Defeat the Enemies that Threaten their Purpose.  Cedric is happily married to and clearly in love with Vixen Simone Walker, between the two of them they have seven children and 10 grandchildren.”    

Now in closing I say, I’m so proud of you and all that you do and it pleases me that GOD chose you all in the name of love.  Isn’t it wonderful how you received so much beauty from GOD in two days and I’m excited about the beauty you’re going to cause with it, for GOD’s people.  So until next week you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie.  Bye bye, babies.

P.S.  If you’d like The Spotlight shined upon you or someone you know, in the name of love, send me an email to  I’d love to hear from you.

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