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| October 10, 2017
Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

By Jeanie Summerville

What’s up, babies?

As always, I hope all is well with you and yours and that, you’re still taking time out of your busy days to bring yourselves some well deserved joy, beauty, happiness and some form of peace of mind as we travel on our journey of love.  On that note, it pleases me to bring to you this week’s spotlight because being in the entertainment business, it can be hard sometimes getting the recognition that you want if you’re in the background so now, he’s stepping out from the background and onto the forefront to be recognized in Frost Illustrated.  So at this time, all we’d like for you to is just enjoy:

Joe King

Joe King

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Joe King, I was born and raised in Fort Wayne and graduated from North Side High School class of 1971.  I’m a professional drummer and it all started when I was six years old when I became inspired by watching my cousin professional drummer Eddie Folkes.  He played with the band The Soul Fantastics and he was really great.  I remember sitting down and watching him play for hours and another cousin of mines, Freddie King, gave me a couple of tree twigs and a garbage can top and I’d consistently practice playing the drums on them, as he consistently motivated me saying, I can do this and I believed him and I did it.

“As time went by, I’d go over to cousin Freddie’s house because he had a five-piece Liverpool drum set and I thought that was something big.  So when he’d leave the room, I’d go behind his back, run upstairs and play his drum set because he didn’t want me to play them unless he was there.  So while I was playing them, another cousin of mine asked, ‘Who’s playing those drums?’  Then they found out it was me and said, I sound much better than Freddie and that gave me the big head and clarified that, I could do this.  

“I didn’t stop there, I kept going and between the age of eight to 10 years old, I played in a band with a couple of friends and people told us, we sounded good and so, they hired us to play at birthday parties and we had a lot of fun.  As time went on, I met up with a professional drummer by the name of Roosevelt Stawlings and he took me under his wings and became my mentor and my drum teacher.  He’s the reason I’m a great and successful drummer today and he also taught me how to read some of the music.

“Later on in my life, I attended IPFW and the director of their Music Department wanted me to audition for them because generally, they don’t accept people that don’t know how to read music thoroughly, unless they were in a marching band.  But since I was so talented at the audition, they were very impressed and accepted me right then and there.  At that moment, I felt great and I knew I was on my way because I have a God-gifted talent and they’re all connected  through my cousins since I imitate them over and over again, like a recorder in my mind.  

“Over the years, I’ve played with bands off and on as a free agent and there’s been some breaks in between those gigs because I strayed away for years.  But then I turned my life around, got saved and when I moved back to Fort Wayne that’s when my music really took off again and my brother Kevin King, helped make that happen for me and I’ve been clean for 20 years now and I haven’t looked back.  My brother and I have been playing together at the same church for 14 years now and I love it.

“As an experienced and professional musician, playing drums in church vs. playing in a club, I can adapt to either one.  Playing in church I’m praising and worshiping God but in a club, I’m just entertaining people and I adapt to different venues very well and that’s where my gifts and talents come in.  The club is a business where you’re getting paid but with the churches, I can do without the pay at times because I’m giving back to God and my passion, is in my music and I know where it came from so it’s my way of giving back.

“I’ve also been a drum instructor at Euell Wilson Center since 2007 until the present and I inspire our youth by spending time with them and encouraging them if they have questions about everyday life in general.  The boys and girls are great in learning how to play the drums and there are some, that get it right the first time because they’ve been watching me all along.  They’re also learning the different notes from their books because they have to learn what’s in their books before they get to the drums since I have a pattern that they have to go by when they first start my class.  My class is very inspiring to them, especially when they watch me perform the various genres of music and I really enjoy it too and I also love it when, the children that I taught how to play drums graduate from high school, come to visit and play the drums, that’s fun for us.

“Five years from now, I’d like to see myself on the big stage or being a studio musician.  I would also like to record my own CDs and be a songwriter as well.  My long term goal, once I make it to the big stage is, to continue being a drum instructor so I can give back because God has given me a blessed musical talent and I want to give it back to the kids and I’m praying that my students will still be around that I taught at Euell Wilson Center so they can see me and say, ‘Wow that’s Mr. King, he’s the one who taught me how to play the drums.’  

“Being a free agent, I can play with any band that’s already out there on the big stage and I can play anywhere.  So feel free to come up to me after a gig and see what my schedule is like or I can be reached through Raphael Consulting at (260) 416-4178, my number is (260) 479-0500 or email me at I’m available and I don’t limit myself, so anyone who contact me will not regret it.”    

Now in closing I say, great job Joe, and you are right, I’ve seen you play and it is a gift from GOD.  So until next week you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie.  Bye bye, babies.

P.S.  If you’d like The Spotlight shined upon you or someone you know, in the name of love, send me an email to  I’d love to hear from ya.

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