Brake before you break!

| June 29, 2017
Lakeya Stewart

The Rev. Dr. Lakeya Stewart

By the Rev. Dr. Lakeya Stewart

Hit the brakes! That’s what we sometimes need to do when life becomes overwhelming and you feel close to your breaking point. Taking a rest from your daily routine can be what is needed to sustain us through the hustle and bustle of life. In the Bible, we even see Jesus taking intentional breaks to regroup and to commune with His Father.

Since my last article, I have become a mommy. I am now a mommy to three precious 14-month-old triplets. Life with triplets is… interesting, to say the least. My sweet babies have taught me that I am stronger than I thought I was. Sleepless nights and busy days had become my reality. In the beginning, I saw no refuge in sight. To be honest, sometimes I felt hopeless because there did not seem to be enough hours in the day… especially with working full time, completing a doctoral degree and being a wife. Somehow and someway, God gave me the fortitude to persevere through life’s difficulties.

On May 6, 2017 I walked across the stage of Regent University to receive the Doctor of Ministry degree. The end of my doctoral studies was filled with tears and anxiety due to the unknown. Would my dissertation be good enough? Would I finish?

The reality is that I finished, and all praises go to God. The sacrifices of sleep and time began to get the best of me and I knew that a break was needed. No… it was mandatory.

My husband and I could feel the stresses of a crazy busy life on our marriage. No, things were not horrible, but we made vows before God to love and to cherish each other at all times. Sometimes when exhaustion and life get to you, you have nothing left to pour into others. Although I had not reached that point, I knew that without being intentional, that life could ultimately lead me down the wrong path.

So, hubby and I took a short vacation. It was extremely difficult to be away from our babies for nearly six days, but the everyday routine of caring for triplets is enough to drive anyone crazy without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There are times when I have to close my eyes and pray in the moment when all three kids desire my attention at once. I am one person and the needs of three babies do not stop because of it. Can you imagine smelling poopie diapers as your children all scream to be picked up at once while your husband is working? I can hear the cries now…

Our babies have honestly added so much joy to our lives. After experiencing a miscarriage, these babies have come as the result of prayer. Raising them takes patience, love and a selflessness that I did not know I even possessed.

Perhaps you don’t have triplets, but you find yourself consumed with work, church, family, relationships, etc. Taking it “one day at a time” may not be enough… God may be calling you to hit your proverbial Brakes, and stop, before you actually breakdown and break apart. Taking a break or vacation doesn’t mean you are lazy or being selfish, it means that you care enough about your mental health to take a stand… even if it is on the beach! The question I ask you to ponder this week is: Am I willing to wait until I break before I am intentional about taking a break? God bless.

—Rev. Stewart

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 The Rev. Dr. Lakeya Stewart, D.Min. attended Berea College earning a B.A. degree in both Sociology and African & African American Studies; Lexington Theological Seminary earning the Master of Divinity Degree and more recently, Regent University receiving the Doctor of Ministry degree. Lakeya currently resides in Fort Wayne with her husband Daniel and their one-year old triplets.  She has a passion for working with people of all ages as they connect and deepen their faiths in Jesus.

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