BABIES—spare the children

| March 19, 2017
Pastor Samuel Bellamy

Pastor Samuel Bellamy

By Pastor Samuel Bellamy

It might be accurate to say that training converts from heathens to sainthood could be the greater works that Jesus talked about. And, to convert followers of Moses would require the very power and knowledge from above. The transformation of the state of carnality to the spirit requires divine intervention.

Newborn babes are so innocent. They must be (breast) fed, cleaned, dressed, taught by repetition, and properly disciplined. Love, mercy, compassion and provision are invested in them just as plants need to receive food, water, and adequate sunlight. These innocent babes have no past to draw from.

Babies need a wholesome environment with proper parenting. They should not be exposed to contaminants that generate disease and sickness. Unfortunately, people of negative influence are not quarantined. Parents must take extra precautionary measures to protect the fruit of the womb.

Abraham became the father of faith after he was summoned by God to leave his family and the customs and culture of the Chaldeans. Moses would not esteem the riches and pleasures of the Egyptians. He rather chose to suffer affliction with the people of God. He became the law giver of Israel. God lured Israel to the wilderness where he gave them hope. Peter and Paul became Jesus’ lead Apostles when they abandoned their professions. These examples echo the admonishment that was written to the Corinthians; that they were to come out from among the world’s sinful practices and separate themselves. Jesus’ church is holy like God; they are harmless and undefiled. This is the nest where God’s children are born.

No one is exempt from the penalty of sin. All human beings have sinned and come short of God’s glory. But new born babes in Christ forsake their sinful past from whence they came. These are the real children of God. Old things are passed away, and all things are become new. The unknown must be revealed for these little ones to grow to the measure of Christ.

Anger and jealousy flares in the hearts of many who are void of Christ’s new birth; believers hold to old traditions; outside forces invade the church to hinder the faith of the innocent. They cause much trouble. Yet, Jesus remains the subject of signs, wonders, healings, miracles, preaching, and teaching.

Subversion has always targeted the innocent. Paul, Barnabas, and Peter attempted to offset such rebels by their testimonies of God’s power through their work. The law that was handed to Moses concerning man’s offenses was brought to fruition by Jesus, who replaced carnal ordinances with spiritual ones.

This council was held to rescue God’s souls from faith pilferers. That was Paul’s purpose for his mission, to protect the innocent. Grace and law were brought to court. Chairman James discretely saved the innocent by removing unnecessary restraints. If the Gentiles would refrain from four ungodly practices, they would do well.

Though there many gods, the creator of all things insists that we worship him alone. Idols are creatures, creations subject to God. All that man places before God is wrought pollution. Much of Jesus’ ancestry was polluted because that nation associated with idol worshippers in fellowship. Therefore, the new converts among the Gentiles were forbidden to attend such feasts and to avoid their sacrifices to idols.

Strangulation is what lions do to their prey. Presumptuous non-supporters of Jesus set out to strangle the faith of innocent Gentiles to bind them to carnal ordinances under the Mosaic Law. The council in Acts chapter fifteen was held to reprove zealous unbelievers for the restraints they tried to place on new converts. These were gainsayers unworthy to teach Jesus’ doctrine because of their lack of knowledge. This would allow the new converts to partake of the spiritual milk, meat, and bread of God’s word delivered by competent teachers and preachers of Jesus’ faith. This is the foundation of the faith that would allow them to go on to perfection.

The body was not made for fornication. Thousands died at a time because of this offensive practice. Fornication is sac religious; it defiles the bed. Male and female marriages are required and honored by God. Two become one flesh, and the matrimony is pleasing to God, who ordained marriage. Otherwise, we sin against the body when we indulge in unwed relationships.

Blood is sacred to God because life is in it. Murder, consumption, and partaking of blood sacrifices is a great offense to God; he is the giver of life. The innocent blood of Jesus that was shed by wicked abusers cried to God from the ground. Today, some of that blood is in a vile with God, a testimony against evildoers, and salvation to all who believe on Jesus as the scriptures say.

Save the babies; spare the children. Do not place burdens on them that, even we can’t tolerate. They are God’s heritage. Love, mercy, Compassion is the tools our mentors used to stabilize us. We must learn how to use the same tools to stabilize our future. Train the children in the fear and admonition of the Lord to preserve our posterity.

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