The lesser of two evils not a viable moral political option

| September 13, 2016
Ky Milton

Ky Milton

By Ky Milton

Special to Frost Illustrated

Ever since I can remember I’ve been intrigued by politics. One of my earliest memories dates back to sixth grade. I was a part of a project to get our school involved in the Bush vs. Gore election. I became mesmerized with the order of government.

I was young but determined to one day put my mark on history by voting. I carried this passion with me throughout school. I volunteered for congresswomen and canvassed for political parties. In my senior year was the infamous Obama candidacy where a black man won the presidential election for the first time in United States history. I became obsessed. In my government class I ran a mock election. I followed the political policies and was determined to run for Congress, all while I was still too young to vote. Now bringing us back to modern times.…

I found a candidate who spoke to everything that I wanted for my country. I went door-to-door explaining to residents the amazing ideals of Senator Bernie Sanders. I was absolutely sure he was what our country needed. I became a little weary when watching the news say nothing of his excellence as a senator. All I saw was Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The election became a form of entertainment. I felt our democracy was being mocked. But, I believe in the people and felt that they would vote logically not by who entertained them most. I saw Senator Sanders being mocked, ridiculed, and cast out for what the media called “radical ideas.” I still don’t see how universal healthcare and free college tuition is a radical ideas but these are the things they were saying.

I saw candidates make overtly racist comments. I saw the country being divided, our candidates consumed in scandal and the real problems being pushed to the side. I saw political parties literally conspiring to bash candidates so others could win the nomination all while our country was dealing with a racial war. And now Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are whom we have to choose from.

I felt my voice was silenced, my views for a better country thrown out the window with the integrity of our democracy. The country was being presented a clown show and I was told it was my duty to pick one of the lesser evils.

I stand today saying no! I cannot vote for a candidate who hates our citizens for the color of their skin and the religion that they relate to; I will vote for a candidate with integrity. I cannot vote for a candidate who won’t address their mistakes; I will vote for a candidate who understands that your failures are your successes. I cannot vote for a candidate who openly speaks badly about military officials and war heros; I will vote for a candidate who believes in the strength of our people and supports our veterans. I cannot vote for a candidate who voted for the war on Iraq to take place; I will vote for a candidate that fights for the rights of others. I cannot vote for a candidate who agreed with the 1994 crime bill; I will vote for a candidate who has compassion for the people living in the struggles of everyday life in America. I cannot vote for a candidate who has been bankrupt at least four times; I will vote for a candidate who believes our country is great and can be greater .

I will not vote for a hypocrite. I will not choose between the lesser of two evils. And, this is why I will not participate in the 2016 presidential election.

Ky Milton is an independent commentator, writer and aspiring editor living in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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