Spotlight on Rescue Mission and St. Joe Hospital being honored by MYS

| February 11, 2016
Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

By Jeanie Summerville 

What’s up, babies?

As always, I hope all is well with you and yours and that, you’re still taking time out of your days to bring yourself and others some well deserved joy, beauty, happiness and some form of peace of mind as we travel, on our journey of love to get to know one another better.  On that note, it pleases me to bring to you the president of Metro Youth Sports Inc., Mr. Jim Winters, because through MYS, a lot of beauty through sports expression was created, which allows our youth to learn, grow, exercise, be involved in teamwork, acquire new friends, compete, gain some fantastic skills and more. These qualities are very important in this thing called life.  But before you learn what he has to say, I’m going to recap what Metro Youth Sports stands for and it‘s importance:

MYS Inc. started with several men who had a vision and passion for creating greatness in our youth here in Fort Wayne, Ind.  They we’re committed to providing our youth with opportunities to get into action and have fun participating in educational and sports programs.  MYS has influenced the lives of thousands of youth and contributed to the production of many outstanding football players in the Fort Wayne area high schools, colleges and the NFL.  MYS staff, along with the organization’s board of directors, is comprised of a group of outstanding business leaders, community and youth advocates who are committed to continuing MYS mission.

The organization’s goal, is to become the premier youth sports program in the city of Fort Wayne and plans are currently underway to expand MYS to include more children and develop education, self-esteem and leadership classes to ensure that all MYS youth have the opportunity to be the best they can be.

MYS has learned that recreation and physical activities are particularly important to helping the youth understand the realities of life and their transition into adulthood.  The on-going social relationships that develop from participating in MYS programs, provide a core of social resources that can support and protect the youth as they mature.  With the youth participation in MYS programs, they will develop high self-esteem which can lead to a high level of motivation and can buffer the youth adverse influence to such things as drug abuse and delinquent behavior.

Moving forward, on Feb. 2, I was a part of something very beautiful that happened here in our fair city and it happened at The Rescue Mission downtown.  Mr. Jim Winters was set to give appreciation plaques to the Rev. Donovan Coley, CEO of Fort Wayne Rescue Mission and Kenneth Jones, CEO of St. Joe Hospital for their outstanding contributions through corporate sponsorships to MYS.  Executive Assistant Diane Richardson, of The Rescue Mission was also honored.  This is a special occasion because of the love that’s behind it and that love is for our youth and their betterment.

Metro Youth Sports Executive Director Jim Winters (right) presents appreciation plaques to (from left) the Rev. Donovan Coley, executive CEO, and Diane Richardson, executive assistant, both of the Rescue Mission, and Kenneth Jones, CEO of St. Joseph Hospital.

Metro Youth Sports Executive Director Jim Winters (right) presents appreciation plaques to (from left) the Rev. Donovan Coley, executive CEO, and Diane Richardson, executive assistant, both of the Rescue Mission, and Kenneth Jones, CEO of St. Joseph Hospital.

Mr. Winters said:

“On behalf of Metro Youth Sports, I’m here to present all of you with an appreciation plaque and to say thank you for your support because without your contributions last year, a lot of wonderful things that happened for MYS wouldn’t be a reality.  What you have given, means a lot since it helps us to go forward and hopefully, we can continue to get your support for the children because it makes a better life for them in this community, which is greatly needed right now.  

“And, Metro Youth Sports served 750 boys and girls last year from the ages of seven to 13 and they enjoyed themselves and had a good time.  One of the great things about Metro is that, we have a lot of males involved with our children and we’re working with them as mentors, as well as, coaches.  Currently, we have our basketball program going on with the Boys and Girls Club at McMillen and we have about 150 children participating and the exciting part is, the parents are coming to be with their children and enjoying themselves.  That’s what Metro is all about, we’re servicing our community and we’re trying to add on to it.  

“My mission for 2016 is to put an educational piece on MYS by building partnerships within the community to where we’re working with other agencies.  Because our children are in badly need of that and we need to all come together right now and do that.  Also, sometime in the near future, we’re going to start a church league and we’re working with some of the churches right now.  So when the children can come out of the churches, we’ll have a leadership program in place that involves the churches because we need them involved with our youth now as well.  And again, I’d like to thank you, Rev. Coley, Kenneth Jones and Diane Richardson for your contributions.”

The Rev. Donovan Coley had this to say:

“Thank you, Mr. Winters.  The reason why Fort Wayne Rescue Mission decided to get involved with MYS is, unfortunately, we’re seeing too many young men and women when it’s too late because they come to us as adults after many, many years of making poor choices.  And so, we feel we want to be able to prevent some of these things from happening and as an organization, we wanted to come alongside to catch the youth before it’s too late.  We also wanted to do is as an example for other nonprofits and other organizations so they can see we’re investing, why not them?  Why not invest in the most important asset, our children.”

And, Kenneth Jones had this to say:

“Thank you, Mr. Winters.  We got involved with MYS because healthy lifestyles are important for everyone and promoting healthy lifestyles is important for our youth.  Because the more we can get our youth active and participating in healthier lifestyles by promoting health at an early age, along with physical activity, they’ll be healthier.  The role of the healthcare provider is to keep patients healthy and to keep people of our community healthier and, MYS does that by creating opportunities for youth to stay active.  So we’re excited about the opportunity to partner with MYS and we’re excited about the results of MYS programs.”

Now in closing I say,  Fantastic!  So until next week, you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie.  Bye bye, babies.

P.sS.  If you’d like The Spotlight shined upon you or someone you know, in the name of love, just send me an email to, I’d love to hear from you.

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