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| May 18, 2016
Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

By Jeanie Summerville 

What’s up, babies?

Isn’t it glorious to be alive to see and feel GOD’s beauty throughout HIS land?   Of course it is and don‘t forget to thank HIM for allowing you to witness this beauty as we continue to travel on our journey of love to get to know one another better.  On that note, it pleases me to introduce to you this week’s spotlight. Not only is he a delight to talk to but he’s very knowledgeable in what he does and you need to know about it.  So at this time, all we’d like for you to do is just simply enjoy because they’re selling property to Fort Wayne residence, one yard at a time:

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Raymone Phillips, I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, and I’m an owner of the Phillips Team Real Estate Group that’s located at 609 W. Foster Parkway here in Fort Wayne, Ind.  We’re a full-service brokerage and this is a family business that consists of my mother Marguerite Phillips, my brother Roderick and myself and we all work together.  We also have three wonderful lady agents that work with us and we all work together to help each other to get the job done.  So if, we have a client that has any issues or concerns, they have a team of people working together collectively to find the solutions.  

Raymone Phillips

Raymone Phillips

“We moved to Fort Wayne because my father moved here with General Motors and we came along after living in Cleveland and Flint, Mich.  My brother and I both attended Indiana University and we both studied business but our mom has been in real estate for quite sometime and the Phillips Team is her brainchild.

“We take an approach where we act as advisors and as counselors because anytime you buy a property, rather you realize it or not, you’re a real estate investor.  You are investing and, hopefully, if you have to move, you want to get a return on that investment and so you need somebody who’s going to fill in that capacity to take the emotion out of it and to logically invest your concerns so they can effectively invest your money, so that you get an equitable return on that investment.

“When a lot of people buy property, they don’t think they’re an investor—they think, ‘Okay I’m just buying my first home,’ but the moment you put your name on that dotted line, you’re assuming a mortgage. Therefore, you are also an investor.  So it’s imperative that you have somebody who represent your interest unbiasedly because you may want a certain house at a certain price point but, as your advisor and counselor, it may be better for me to let you know, as I understand, what your priorities are and I understand real estate as a professional, to tell you, ‘Let’s turn it back.  This might be better for you because you’ll be able to save a little bit more money and if anything should happen you’ve got a bit of a nest egg.’

“We’ve been in business for 15 years but, as I stated earlier, my mother has been in real estate for quite some time.  She started off working with some of the large realtor companies and then it was just time for us to start our own real estate company.  And, as far as I understand, I think we’re the oldest black-owned real estate company in Fort Wayne and I think it was about time because Fort Wayne needed somebody who look like us and care about the issues of real estates that are affecting people like us. And it was time for somebody to step out there and be the voice for those people that are often times overlooked.

“The Phillips Team loves being able to help people and the amount of satisfaction that we get from helping people.  We get thank you letters all the time from people who really appreciate the service we provide. My mom’s motto is, treating you like family and so, I think people really appreciate that and people are hungry for that.  I think in business often times, people think of things as being a numbers game—gains and losses—but in between those zeroes and ones are people and I think sometimes people lose sight of that.  I also think that when people interact with someone who really has their interest legitimately at heart, they really truly appreciate that.  So, I can say, our whole entire office is about helping people and that is really where we shine. However, oftentimes, we have to give people bad news because, unfortunately, we can’t help everybody if their money management history or credit prevent us from being able to help them the way we’d like to.  But, we’ll still help you because we have a group of business professionals that we do business with such as Nathan Willis and he’s exceptional.  If he’s not able to help our clients get the financing they need, he will provide them with a blueprint of everything they need to do so that in the future, they’ll be able to be financed.

“I am the way that I am because I am a sheep-dog.  You have people who fit into categories and most people are either sheep or they’re wolves.  Sheep are just everyday, hardworking people that put their nose to the grindstone and they’re focused on doing what they’re doing to take care of their families.  And, then you have the wolves and the wolves want to eat the sheep but then you have in-between them, the sheep dog.  The sheep-dog is the guy who’s raised around sheep and so he thinks like a sheep but he’s a dog.  His job is, to protect those sheep from the wolves and that’s kind of who I am and that correlates to me being a social worker and me being in this business.  Because I see those people out there working hard everyday and they’re pinching their pennies and setting money aside while hoping they can find a house for their family and it’s my job to protect their interest.  It’s my job to make sure that I stretch their dollar as far as it can go so I can put them in a house that works best for them because there are a lot of wolves out there.  

“And in turn, I want to tell the youth today especially young men of color that the most important thing is, you really have to guard your mind and you have to fill your mind with the good stuff and read books about making sure you’re in charge of your thinking process.  Because there’s so much negativity out there in the world, especially as far as where we’re concerned, and there are people, that if you don’t fit inside of a box, they want to put you inside of a box.  So, it’s important for you to be yourself, to have courage and to pursue your dreams and have a plan.  Also, it’s your responsibility to manifest the greatness within yourselves and that requires hard work and dedication. I know you can do it and you must be of service and a positive force within your community to help those less fortunate. It’s your responsibility to do that.  And, if there are any young men out there that want to know a little bit about real estate, you are more than welcome to stop by, come in and see me because I’d be happy to talk with you.      

“I’d also like to talk to anyone has any rental property out there because we get about 20 to 30 calls almost everyday from people who are looking for rentals and we’re completely rented out.  So, if anybody has any rentals, will you please give me a call at (260) 918-0796 x 103 and let me know so I can put some people in contact with you or we can work something out.

“Also, right now, they have a government program where funds are allocated for first time home buyers and you can get from $5,000 to $10,000 to take care of your closing cost and more.  Those monies are set aside and there are only so many funds available. So, if you’re interested, give us a call before the end of the summer or you’ll have to wait until next year because those funds will be depleted since it’s for the entire state of Indiana and there are tons and tons of people in Indianapolis that are utilizing the program.

“The quickest way for somebody to improve their situation, when it comes to wealth creation, is through real estate because real estate puts you into a different socioeconomic bracket and allows you to reap the rewards of having tax benefits associated with property ownership and it also puts you in a position to use equity of your property if you want to purchase an additional home that you can utilize as an investment property.  So, give me a call or stop by and visit because I’d love to share more information with you.”

Now in closing I say, fantastic job, Raymone!  I’m so proud of you and I really hope some our the young men do stop by and pay you a visit because I know you’re a great motivator, role model and you are needed to give hope of a brighter tomorrow for all of us.  So until next week, you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie.  Bye bye, babies.

P.S.  If you would like The Spotlight shined upon you or someone you know, all in the name of love,  just send me an e-mail to  I’d love to hear from you.

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