Mrs. Jessie Noel: Celebrating 90 years of a blessed life

| August 9, 2016
Ms. Jessie Lee Noel

Ms. Jessie Lee Noel

By Sheila Dufor

Special to Frost Illustrated

FORT WAYNE—July 22 through July 24, the Noel family from 20 states and friends in the Fort Wayne community celebrated the 90th birthday of Mrs. Jessie Lee Noel—wife of late Isaiah Noel.

The three-day event started on Friday afternoon with a social gathering at Jerusalem Baptist Church Community Center to feast on BBQ ribs and fixings. Saturday night was the formal birthday program at IPFW Alumni Center which consisted of a beautiful dinner and lifetime tribute, with Condra Ridley serving as mistress of ceremony. Donald Noel read “The Jessie Lee Noel Life Story,” which stated:

“My mom wasn’t fortunate enough to obtain the highest formal education, but she made sure all of her children were able to finish high school and helped some of us even go on to college. She had a gift from God, to know and how to impart His wisdom. When we challenges or problems, she would never tell us to do something that might make us feel good for the moment or in the short term, but she would give us God’s wisdom from the Bible. She taught us to do the right thing because she knew God would be pleased and provide us with more of His blessings. There were people that did her wrong in life, but when some of those same people were on their sick bed or death bed she was the one who was at their bedside, bringing them food or comfort in their last days….”

After reading her life story, her grandchildren and great-grands presented her with 90 red roses.

When dinner was completed, Ms. Jessie cut an extraordinary cake presented by her lovely granddaughter, April Carroll, who coordinated the three-day weekend. Then Ms. Jessie initiated the party on the dance floor by dancing the first song with her sons and daughter.

Sunday was the finale which included more great food, fond memories, and loving farewells.

Ms. Jessie is blessed to have fairly good health, a clear mind and a beautiful spirit. She can still dance the “electric slide” as well as being loved and adored by family, friends and the community. We asked, what is her secret to living a long prosperous life?  Ms. Jessie responded, “God is the head of my life. One of my favorite Bible verses is Ephesian 6:1-3: ‘Children obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right, Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise; That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on this earth.’

“My husband and I raised our sevenchildren (Curtis, Donald, Bonnie, Quincy, Greg, Lee, Tyrone) and my step-daughter. We loved our family, worked hard, taught our children to respect others, help others and taught them to do what is right is the eyes of God. If you do this, God is on your side. Life is not always easy, but if you attend church and ask God for guidance he will supply your needs.

“Over the years, my children married and brought me five beautiful daughter in-laws and one son in-law. How awesome is that!

“I have 91 grands and the family tree continues to grow and flourish. I love them all so much. I am so happy and grateful for all God’s blessings throughout my life. There’s no secret to life—just ask God, he will answer your call.”

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