IU’s FACET group weighs in on incorporating faculty input at IPFW

| June 28, 2016

As members of the Indiana University Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET) and as faculty leaders recognized for our accomplishments at IPFW in teaching and learning, we write this statement to express a viewpoint missing from much of the discussion regarding the Legislative Services Agency Study Group: that of faculty, particularly given our role as educators.

FACET is IU’s premiere statewide organization devoted to excellence in teaching, and as such, has a special appreciation for why IU needs to maintain a comprehensive presence in Northeast Indiana, one that already has bestowed numerous benefits upon our campus and the region. While FACET and its members take no position with regard to management agreements or as to whether individual departments should maintain or change existing missions, we do feel strongly that maintaining a comprehensive IU presence in Northeast Indiana, thoroughly represented across multiple disciplines, is absolutely vital to the future and quality of higher education in the region.

Our campus history of membership in FACET since the induction of five faculty members in 1989 demonstrates how IPFW faculty can and do already actively interact and partner with faculty throughout the IU system. For instance, FACET members at IPFW have been consistently involved with planning the annual FACET retreat and serving on system-wide steering and selection committees.  We have frequently invited FACET directors to meet with members at IPFW to exchange ideas and plan for future activities and resources.  We regularly participate in the various programs, such as the Leadership Institute, offered by FACET system-wide.  In short, the kind of lively dialogue about teaching and learning excellence that FACET was developed to promote within and across IU campuses is very much a part of IPFW’s participation in this valuable IU resource.

The positive effects of being part of a system-wide IU network devoted to teaching and learning at IPFW continue to grow. Since FACET first established a presence here, IPFW has added a number of teaching-related offices and resources to promote teaching and learning across campus, due in large part to the leadership of FACET members.  The Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching was piloted by FACET members. Faculty peer review best practices and models have been promoted by FACET members, some of whom were part of FACET’s system-wide workshops on peer review.  Our campus promotion and tenure requirements and documentation options for teaching have been greatly improved, again with FACET members taking the lead.  FACET members have led discussions on the appropriate uses of student evaluations.  Every year FACET plans and conducts meetings and workshops to assist faculty across campus, including new, untenured, and part-time faculty. The list goes on.

In conclusion, whatever deficiencies may exist with the current governance model, the solution is not to sever our ties with IU. Rather, we believe the challenge is to find better and greater ways to strengthen our commitment to IU and involve IPFW faculty and administration as an integral part of the system.  We rely upon IU to help us continue to grow a vibrant network of dedicated teachers, in addition and in coordination with resources available to our campus through Purdue.  We welcome invitations to begin serious discussions that meaningfully incorporate faculty perspectives regarding how IPFW can deepen our affiliation and involvement with the IU system.


Mary Ann Cain

Steve Carr

Adam Dircksen

Ron Duchovic

Arthur Friedel

Robert Gillespie

Linda Hite

Debrah Huffman

Carol Sternberger

Lesa Vartanian

Yvonne Zubovic

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