Free tech tools ease back-to-school transition for students, parents

| August 25, 2016

By Jay Curry, Solutions Specialist, Verizon Wireless

With the school season back in full swing attention shifts from finding something to keep children busy to making sure they stay on top of the homework, tests and after school practices. While this may seem, at times, like a daunting task, you can use these following free tools and apps to help make the transition easier.


Flashcards are a tried and true way to improve math skills as well as foreign language, history or anything else. While the paper cards themselves may no longer be cool, this app certainly is. Simply sign up for a free account and then choose from a list of pre-made flashcards or make your own. And add some flair with images and even video. You can now carry all of your cards with you at any time since they don’t take up any physical space.


Writing a high school or college paper takes hard work and effort. But once you finish, your work wasn’t quite done. That’s because you had to cite your sources in a bibliography. And, that was basically an assignment in itself. However, with EasyBib, you just open the app and scan the book you’re citing and a librarian-verified citation will be created instantly. It can also be used on webpages or for other online materials. Once you’re done, the list gets emailed from your phone and can then be dropped into any document.


With seven or more classes, sports, jobs and chores, creating and keeping track of a to-do list can be pretty time-consuming. But thanks to this free app, it’s a whole lot easier. Using simple text you can add your assignments, upcoming tests and practices to your to-do list, share it with family and friends, and most importantly check off your items one by one as they’re done.

GOOGLE GOALS (Google Calendar)

Finding time to hang out with friends, to study or even to relax isn’t always the easiest once school gets up and running. But thanks to the Google Goals feature as part of Google Calendar, it’s a little easier. Touch the plus button in your Google Calendar app and choose what type of goal you’d like to set. Then select about when you’d like to accomplish it (in the morning, night, etc). Google will automatically scan your calendar and find time for you to focus on your goal. You’ll also get regular reminders and can defer until later.

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