B. Glamour’d Cosmetics presents classy event June 25

| June 16, 2016

B. Glamour'dBy Jeanie Summerville

Brittanie Townes-Harris under her business name B. Glamour’d Cosmetics presents, They Don’t Want Us To Slay, Make Up Show on June 25 at The Summit 1025 W. Rudisill Blvd., in the Event Center Dining Hall Door G. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

1.)  What is the purpose of this event?

To give younger people a summer show where they can get dressed up, come out and have a good time in a positive and drama free environment because we don’t really have a night life here.  This show will be very entertaining and we’re presenting bold make-up, bright colorful lashes, bold lipstick, outgoing hairstyles and fashions.  This is an adult show so you must be 18 years or older and it’s dressy attire, so no jeans or hats.  

2.)  What makes this event unique?    

All the make-up artist and stylist are up and coming and so I wanted to extend to them this opportunity to build their cliental and get themselves out there in the city because they don’t necessarily have the cliental that I do or the platform.  

3.)  What has been your greatest joy in putting this event together thus far?  

Working with everybody and seeing how excited they are to be a part of it because that makes me feel good that people, are excited to work with me and work with my show.  I’m putting on this event alone and at the beginning, I was a little nervous because this is my first show by myself but it’s the positive feedback and positive energy from everybody that’s a part of the show that I enjoy.  I’m working with Boudoir Noir and they’ve been really excited to work with me as well.

4.)  What has been your biggest challenge?

Trying to get people to understand what I’m doing and why it’s worth it.

5.)  Why should the community support this event?

Because it’s a positive event, it’s something different and it’s truly from the heart.  Everybody that’s in my show, is in my show for free.  I didn’t charge anyone to showcase what they can do and I didn’t charge any of the vendors either because I want to help them to get their name out there in the community.  

6.)  What should your audience expect that evening?

A good, fun and exciting night that will be hosted by Big Kess, Breaun will perform and make up artist will consist of myself, Annette Navarro, Bianca Rivers.  Showcasing fashions by Blissxca (Bliss by Chelsea Anderson), Urban Update (Kellie Hicks-Morgan) and Boudoir Noir.  So get your tickets at eventbrite.com before they’re all gone.

7.)  Why did you choose The Summit for your event?

Because I was a vendor there for another event and I really liked the way they had it set up and I’m hoping it will bring more traffic to the south side of town because it’s a nice building and I think that more people in the community should utilize it for their events.

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