Spotlight on Pastor Willie Sims and First Lady Saundra Sims

| November 11, 2015
Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

By Jeanie Summerville

What’s up, babies?

Let’s try to make this week, a very special week in our lives because time is so precious and it waits for no one.  On that note, it pleases me to bring to you this week’s spotlight. Not only are you going to meet the pastor of this church, you’re also going to meet the first lady.  So at this time all we’d like for you to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy because Frost Illustrated is going to take you there:

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Pastor Willie Sims and the name of our church is Of The Way Missionary Church and it‘s located at 7518 S. Anthony Blvd in Kmart shopping plaza Fort Wayne.  What makes this church special is the teaching of the word of God one word and one verse at a time. And, we like to do exploratory preaching and teaching because I think what’s happening in our churches is that some forget to teach and preach God words and just make a lot of noise and that’s why I think, people are starting to fall away from the church.  But here, God has anointed us with ears to hear the words of God and gave us a tongue to speak the word.

Pastor and First Lady Sims

Pastor and First Lady Sims

“I was about seven or eight years old when God called me to work and my grandmother would always say, ‘Son, you’re going to be a preacher,’ but I did everything contrary to what God would have a preacher do such as being mischievous to make sure that God couldn’t use me.  But as time went by and with me going to church, I guess when I got about 40 years old, the testing was about over and I felt the need to go and do what God said to do. After I took a beating, I said, it’s time to go and preach because when it comes to God’s people, they are so special and we should pour our whole heart and soul out to them and let God get glory out of it.

“I took a beating because during that period between seven to 40 years old, there were many trials and tribulations in my life.  At the age of 14, I had a chain saw and I was sawing down trees and in the process, the saw kicked back and it would have cut my head off but it barely gave me a scratch and I said, ‘God is so good and I believe He protects this people.’  By the time I was 20, I walked into a location where some people were firing but I didn’t get killed.  By the time I was 30, I was raising all kind of sin and trying to kill, but God didn’t let me.  I didn’t get tired of running but what God does is, He corrals and breaks you like a wild horse so you can be tamed because when God say’s it time, it’s time.

“If  people come to this church, all they’ll get is God’s word and I’ll give them everything that He puts in me and I won’t hold anything back or try to distort God’s gospel.  As freely as I get it, as freely I give it and I’ll show them how to study the word from Genesis to Revelations because it’s important that the more we know, the more we should be able to sow.  I think that right now, the people are suffering and the Bible say’s it’s from the lack of knowledge because we don’t give them anything.  Some hold the seed and try to stand around and act like they’re Lord over them but here, you won’t get that because everybody get’s the same treatment.  So when someone needs to talk to me, I try to make myself available because I belong to His people and I don’t want to ever have a wall up.”

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Saundra Sims, I’m the pastor’s wife and we’ve been married for 35 years.  I enjoy being the first lady because I feel God prepared me for this position.  So when my husband came to me and said, it’s now time for him to do God’s will I shouted, I cried, I praised and thanked God and I still do that to this day.  I’m ecstatic to know that God is using my husband as a messenger and that makes me feel very excited.  I’ve had some first ladies as friends and the first thing they said is, I never wanted to be a pastor’s wife.  I don’t understand that concept because to me, if God uses a man as His messenger to bring His people to Him, then what more can any women want?

“My responsibilities as first lady include: I’m the secretary, the pastor’s wife and anything that needs to be done within the ministry, I do it all and I enjoy it very much.  

“Even though my husband mentioned earlier, he went through a lot of trials and tribulations, I knew this was going to happen because he has always had a good heart and from the very beginning, you could see that glow about him.  So, even though he was saying, ‘No, no, no,’ God was still saying ‘Yes, yes, yes, you will be mine.  It might take you time and you might bump your head along the way but yes you will be mine,’ and I’m thankful.

“At this church, we try to do things that are pleasing to God, that’s always our first point of business and I’m always encouraging people to visit because they should come and see what Of the Way Missionary Church is all about.  It’s not about the pastor, it’s not about me, it’s not about the members, it’s all about God.  Also, my husband teaches from the Bible and so there’s no, let me run back into my office and make something up to try and make people feel good.  Some of the messages he preaches it pricks your heart because he’s going straight from the word.  So you can eat it or spit it out, as long as he’s sticking with the Bible that’s what you’re going to get.

“Our phone number is (260) 498-2366 with Sunday School at 9 a.m.,  Worship Services 10:45 a.m.  Thursday’s Prayer Meeting is 6:30 p.m., with 7p.m., Bible Study.  And, the first Saturday of each month, Women of Zipporah meets at 3:30 p.m.  

“As far as, the Women of Zipporah, this is something that God placed on my heart and it initially goes back to people since they call my husband Moses because of his large stature and he was so well versed in the scriptures. So I started thinking, if he suppose to be Moses, where’s Moses wife?  People never talk about her, it’s always Mary, Naomi and others, but poor little Zipporah never came to fruition through other people. So, I encourage people that if they’re interested in finding out more about Women of Zipporah, give me a call at (260) 341-3560 or simply call the church at (260) 498-2366.

“We’re also currently seeking a musician, someone that can play organ and or keyboard.  The position is part-time on every other Sunday and from 10 a.m., to 2 p.m., and if you have any questions or would like to interview, please feel free to call me at (269) 341-3560.

“Pastor Sims also had this to say:

“They do call me Moses but I’ve got a sign outside that says, we must suffer many things for Jesus name sake and if you’re suffering for Christ, that’s a good thing and keep right on suffering but make sure that God gets the glory out of your suffering by telling other people how your suffering brings you closer to Him.”      

Now in closing I say, fantastic Pastor and First Lady.  It was simply a great joy meeting the both of you and gaining an understanding of the beauty that Of The Way Missionary Church brings to the people in God’s name.  So until next week, you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie.  Bye, bye, babies.

P.S.  If you would like The Spotlight shined upon you or someone that you know, all in the name of love,  just send me an e-mail to upclosewithjeanie@yahoo. com.  I’d love to hear from you.

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