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| June 3, 2015
Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

By Jeanie Summerville

What’s up, babies?

It’s not everyday that children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have the opportunity to bring their mother, grandmother and great grandmother a whole lot of beauty, joy, happiness and some form of peace of mind as they all gather together, in the name of love, to celebrate her life.  It pleases me to bring to you this week’s spotlight because that’s exactly what happened.  So, all we’d like for you to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy.  Or stand and jump and shout if you want to!  You can do that because Frost Illustrated is gonna take you there:

The Springer family

The Springer family

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers. My name is Essie Mae Springer and the celebration that my children gave me was absolutely wonderful.  I was very surprised and enjoyed every minute of it.  All of my grandchildren were here from all over and I had a good, wonderful, fantastic time.  I’m 89 years old and I hope to see another birthday but if I don’t, I’m pleased that GOD has allowed me to see and celebrate with will my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I’m just glad to be with them for, as long as, I have and I also want to mention my godson Cab Morris because he’s been wonderful to me too and I’m just so proud of him too.”

On that note, this is what her children has to say:

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  I’m Carl Springer, the youngest child and this year we decided to have my mom’s birthday celebration in May even though her birthday is Aug. 5 and she’ll be 90 years old.  We celebrated on this day because all of her family could come in and we wanted to make sure we gave her a true surprise on Memorial Day weekend because she knows that we always do something for her in August.  Her grandchildren came all the way from Little Rock, Ark., Atlanta, Ga., Tuscaloosa. Ala., Pontiac, Mich., and Detroit so, the representation from the family was definitely there.  And, her great grandson Bobby had worked that night and drove 10 hours straight just to make it to the celebration and he hasn’t been to Fort Wayne in eight years.  So that goes to show the love and support that mom has.    

“It’s been a blessing to have her as a mother and the one thing she gave me, was eight wonderful siblings and the introduction to Christ which has been beautiful for me.  We were raised by both of our parents, Charles Springer Sr., and my mother, in a GOD-fearing household and spiritually guided.  I can honestly say, with there being nine children in the family, there was absolutely nothing we wanted for.  I remember vividly, my parents buying me and my brother mopeds, I had two cars by the time I was 15 years old and there again, you’re talking about parents that had nine children to feed.  But not only did they feed our family but they fed the neighborhood.  If you walked down our street, there’s not a family here that would say they were not welcomed to come to our home and eat.”

“My name is Elizabeth Springer-Perry and I’m the cook of the family and they call me the bag lady because every time I come, I always have a bag in my hand for somebody.  And, I always try to bring my mother something special and she always says, ‘Lizzy, you even bring the dog something,’ and we’d laugh.  I’m glad to be a part of my family and they always say, I’m crazy funny like my dad and I guess I am.”  

“My name is Charlene Carr and I’m the oldest.  My mom has always been there for all of us and she’s a prayerful mother, a caring mother, a giving mother, a loving mother and she’s been there for family and friends.  And, I’d just like to say, I appreciate GOD for just keeping my mother around for, as long as, HE has and I thank GOD for that.”

“My name is Thelma Springer and I’m the baby girl of the family and to me, my mom is my life and she means everything to me.  She’s a wonderful mother that brought us up in church and so did my dad.  They were wonderful parents and I love you mom.”

“I’m Charles Springer Jr., (aka ‘Brother’) and we celebrated my mom’s 89 and holding birthday and she should feel very, very happy.  I’m the oldest boy out of seven girls and I’m very blessed to still have our mother with us so she can share in our lives.  I love you mama, happy birthday and I hope to see you have many more.”

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.  My name is Callie Baylor and I’m the middle child of nine.  It was definitely a joyful occasion to spend this 89 and holding celebration with my mother.  This celebration was our brother Carl’s idea and we all pitched in but our niece Shanta Averhart, one of the eldest grandchildren, was the orchestrated and coordinated this celebration with all of our help.  She’s always been there for the family and if my father was still here, he’d be very proud of her and proud of all of us.

“I enjoyed this celebration.  My mother has always been a wonderful provider, she’s always been a prayerful mother and I just can’t thank her enough for being a part of my life and just being a mom to me and I had a wonderful dad as well.  We never went without lights, water or heat and we’d always get two pair of shoes every month from Hill Brothers and that’s why, I’m a shoe fetish now.  And, every week, my mother would bring us a dress home and we never went without anything.

“There are two sisters that are not here for this interview and they are Essie R. Edwards out of Indianapolis, and Louise Haywood Brantley in Detroit.  We also have a sister that’s deceased, Doris Mae Springer, of Detroit.  I appreciate being allowed to share about my mother and my father.  I’m sure he’d be happy because he really guided us in the proper way to be strong women and really strong men.  And, my brother Carl has been an inspiration, I’m not taking anything from anybody else but, he’s like a father figure to us even though he’s the youngest.  He really takes care of our mother, myself and all of us through experiencing life.  Because we experience life in different things and he’s always been there, just like our dad.  

Our dad, passed away January 1999 at the age of 82 and my mom is 89 and I think it’s a blessing because a lot of people don’t get the chance to have their parents, as long as, we had ours.  Also, my grandmother was about 100 years old when she passed and our grandfather Robert Hawkins Sr., was about 89.  All of this is a blessing and hopefully, we’ll have that longevity and I pray that I do.  But, I just don’t want to exist, I want to be living a full life.”  

Now in closing I say, congratulations, Mrs. Springer on this 89 and holding celebration and I hope you have many more.  I also add, the Hawkins family is one of the nicest families that I know and I appreciate feeling all of the love that you have for one another.  So until next week, you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie.  Bye bye, babies.


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