Richard Charlton of C-Style Tae-Kwon Do School of Chin-Kwon

| July 29, 2015
Richard Charlton

Richard Charlton

Richard Charlton is the owner of C-Style Tae-Kwon-Do School of Chin-Kwon-Do and he can be reached at (260) 341-9532.

1.)  How long have you been in this profession?

For 41 years, I started studying at the age of 14.

2.)  Describe the service that you offer.

I teach Karate and Chin-Kwon-Do to children ages five to 17 and adults ages 18 and over.  Within my classes, I provide mental, physical and spiritual aspects, as far a, going up and down the floor, learning punches, strikes and etc., while helping my students become disciplined.

3.)  What or who was your motivation for going into business?

My instructor, Master Thomas Cox because while I was his student, learning the art, he helped me change my life and helped me to be the man that I am now.  I thank him for teaching me the way he did and now I’m teaching others.

4.)  How did you get started and are there any special training or license required?

I became interested in learning Karate when I’d go to the Rialto Theatre and watch Bruce Lee movies. After the movies were over, I’d run home, practice and imitate all the punches, kicks and boxing that Bruce made and I did that four years straight on my own.  After that, I was under the instructions of Master Cox and he taught me for six years straight and I developed a sixth degree black belt under his training.   Yes, a license is required to teach and since my instructor died about a year ago, I contacted a master that’s in West Virginia and he presented my instructors license to me.

5.)  What makes your business unique?

I honor God in everything I do.  I have the love of God in my heart and the love for people and so, since I learned so well, I know that what it did for me in my life, it could also do for somebody else in their life.

6.)  What has been your greatest joy about being in this field?

The condition of my body has been my greatest joy because I’m 55 years old and I’ve never been shot, stabbed, I have no broken bones, have had no major operations and I’m in perfect health.

7.)  What was your biggest challenge?

Starting on my own, I wanted to perfect everything in this art but I didn’t think I’d be able to do it.  But with time, I did.

8.)  Why should the community support your business?

Because there are children that need someone to show them that they are special and that someone cares about their well being.  They also need something to do to keep them from roaming the streets and getting in trouble.  I believe that every child wants to be successful in something in life and I want to help them to help themselves.  So when I present this art to them, I think, they’ll be really interested in learning more and more about it and that will help start their lives in a positive direction.

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