Private School basketball teams Cornerstone Prep versus Horizon

| November 24, 2015

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Christian teams, players demonstrate true meaning of sportsmanship

Story & Photos by Larry Whitt

FORT WAYNE—A well kept secret in Fort Wayne is that two of our Christian high schools have boys and girls basketball programs.

I attended a match-up last week between Cornerstone Christian College Prep and Horizon Christian Academy. Horizon Christian Academy won both game on the scoreboard, winning the girls game 38-16 and the boys game by a wide margin 119-59. But then, I felt both teams won.

The purpose true reason behind any sport should be fellowship and leadership development. I did not once see a temper flare, there was no trash talking or antics after a big score—it was children giving it their best shot and handling it all with class, win or lose.

I see a lot of basketball around Fort Wayne and, oftentimes, the spirit of the games gets lost with players’ pride and ego flying off the handle. Not so at Cornerstone versus Horizon. The kids played hard and clean, keeping their composure throughout the game. Then again, it was a meeting between two schools where Christ and religion are open subjects so, perhaps, I should not be surprised when not once did I see a child stop to question the referee, use bad language, throw a tantrum or quit giving a full effort. The talent and skill levels may not be all that great, but attitude, class and sportsmanship are top notch.

Congratulations to coaches Rosie Beasley and Anthony Beasley of Horizon and Cornerstone coaches Rick Dowdell, Terrance Kendrick and assistants. You’re getting the important things right.

Girls Box Scores:

Horizon Academy 38—Michaya Woods 7; Demere Porter 6; Brittani Pope 16; Grace Sims 0; LaShaye Peterson 4; Dezzi Reed 5; Zy’Anne Terry 0; Alondra Alvarado 0; Mariah Flores 0; Letsey Topete 0. 13 11 38

Cornerstone Prep 16—Keyunrea Johnson 2; Kionney Swain 0; Janae Jordan 2; Ju’Dasha Carter 3; Autumn Dunlap 3; Keyazah Johnson 0; Aaliyah Dates 0; Kalia Triplet 2; Lexis Townsin 0; Kameisha Brown 4; Myera Brown 0. 6 3-5 16

Boys Box Scores:

Horizon Academy 119—Yuri Swinford 33; Marcus Smith 25; S. Porter 8; J. Hudson 17 O; Johnson 13; J White 8; A. Rogers 1; C. Jones 2; E. Pinkston 2; D. Gray 5; T. Woods 0; J. Beasley 5. 45 14-21 119

Cornerstone Prep 59—Mike Rogers 11; Tevin Nelson; 14; A. Thomas 14; David Foster 2; J. Eldridge 14; D. Bratton 1; M. Eldridge 0; A. Beitter 2; J. Foster 1. 22 6-6 59

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