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| March 17, 2015
Eric Hackley

Eric Hackley

By Eric D. Hackley

Attention, political enthusiasts. It’s that time of year again. It’s time to inform and intellectually prepare yourselves to vote in the 2015 Fort Wayne political primary on May 5.  But, who are you going to vote for? Do you know the mayoral candidates?  Do you know what any of their views are?  Do you know any of the City Council District or At-Large candidates or anything about any of them personally?

Well, when you see, hear and meet the 2015 class of candidates who are seeking your vote, your will be impressed as to their seriousness of their convictions. This is the most unique crop of candidates who are enthused and actually willing to interview with me.

And yes, I’ve already began speaking with them and their interviews will soon be appearing on Facebook, YouTube and Fort Wayne Public Access TV. I plan to interview all of the candidates who are willing to speak with me, my aim is to find out just what exactly makes them tick. I plan to use their individual stories as educational opportunities to enlighten students (our future political leaders) and citizens seeking new information about the candidates that the other media won’t be concerned with talking about like inclusion, Indians and blacks.

As I sit very close to the candidates, not quite nose to nose but close enough to look them straight in the eyes, I can feel their sincerity. And when you’re sitting so close to someone, it’s hard for them to BS you with their answers. I probe their minds to uncover their objectives, motivations and key influences in their lives. And you know something, they’re no different than you and me.  The only key difference is, they have more nerve and a tenacious belief in themselves that they can indeed make a difference.

As you look back over the past year, Fort Wayne has sent their best scouts all over the known universe in search of ways to improve this city and make it better and more inclusive.  I was always taught that, if you want improvement in something or anything, start with yourself first. Embodied within this body of 43 leaders are warrior mindsets that rely on self to save the day. They don’t look elsewhere for clues from outsiders to tell them what needs to be done here at home. Although they all have different objectives, ideologies and spiritual forces guiding them, their goals are all the same, to make Fort Wayne more attractive for businesses to relocate here (jobs)?and to fight for the needs of the people they represent. These candidates know, if it is to be, it is up to them.

In fact, I am so impressed with this year’s election candidates that I plan to mold the interviews and citizen questions into a template for future leaders to emulate.  How do I plan to do that you ask?

Well, in addition to my one-on-one interviews with the candidates, I would like to include the questions from the people who attend the forums.  What I mean is, I plan to record the individual citizen questions and place them in the same book as the candidates.

In this way, when we look back 10, 20, 0r 30 years from now to see what the issues were and how they were being addressed, they’ll just refer to the book that we produced featuring the March 21 Mayoral Forum and the March 28 City Council District and At-Large Candidates Forum.

I aim to have this book completed by July 14, the anniversary date of the day the great (but too often ignored and forgotten) War Chief Little Turtle died. I’m drawing a parallel between the Indian Warriors of the past who previously owned and fought on this land now called Fort Wayne with the political warriors of today who seek to be the War Chief (mayor) and Tribal Chiefs (City Council District and At-Large members).

If the citizens across Fort Wayne show up to the Urban League (the location of the political forums) and forthrightly ask their questions to the candidates for mayor and City Council, history will have been made because no one has ever written a book documenting a Fort Wayne political primary composed primarily of the candidates and the city’s concerned activist citizens.

A book like this will be beneficial for students K-12 because it will document and feature citizens who their parents know. This document will present who the candidates are, what they plan to do in each district and why the candidates chose the set of goals and objectives the intend to implement. A document such as this will be a thinking framework for those who one day may plan be an elected official or public servant.  The person possessing a document such as this will have in their hand a reference book that contains the cumulative vision, intelligence, tenacity and yes, the  size of balls it takes to be a great leader in this society.

Note: Veteran reporter, television show host and producer and writer Eric Hackley is scheduled to host a series of 2015 Political Forums at the Fort Wayne Urban League, 2135 So. Hanna St. Scheduled forums include: FORUM 1—12 noon, March 21—Candidates For Mayor of Fort Wayne; FORUM 2—12 noon, March 28—Candidates for Fort Wayne City Council Members At-Large and City Council District Candidates. The Fort Wayne Community is invited to ask questions, to share insights and concerns with the Candidates of 2015. The forums will be videotaped. For information, contact hackonomicsTV@gmail.com or call Eric Hackley at (260) 438-7500.

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