Oladuwa’s writings light path to truth, self examination, liberation

| September 11, 2015
omowale-ketu oladuwa

omowale-ketu oladuwa

I have always admired the writing skills of Omowale-Ketu Oladuwa.  He has a unique way of exposing the truth and at the same time challenging the reader to take a look at him/her self and examine the lies we have told ourselves.  Specifically, though not exclusively, do we have courage to admit the chains were removed from our wrists and ankles, yet the chains, and much more detrimentally, are securely attached to our minds?

Oladuwa’s piece, “Get Up, Stand Up:  your mama ain’t raise no fool,” was a masterpiece.  His previous writings were thought provoking, but the aforementioned historically and systematically, exposed what slavery did to our minds and continues to haunt our progress.

I invite Frost readers to take out some time and really decipher Oladuwa’s pieces.  And, time is needed.  Oladuwa’s writings are not “easy reading.” But, that’s part of our problem, we want  the “freeing of our minds” to be easy. The reader must “shut out the world and recall how African slaves were stripped of their very souls.  And, equally important accept the truth about our own self hate.

Keep writing, Mr. Oladuwa.  Some day some of us will get it.

—Brenda Robinson

Brenda Robinson

Brenda Robinson

Editor’s note: Brenda Robinson is an award-winning columnist in her own right. She has contributed numerous pieces to Frost Illustrated and continues to contribute at various times.

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