Adoption over abortion: One woman’s emotional journey

| November 21, 2015
Nancy Jones and her son Josiah

Nancy Jones and her son Josiah

It has been six years since I placed my beloved Josiah up for adoption. The emotions of it all, almost mirror themselves as if it was day one. I still struggle with a cloud of sadness around babies and pregnant women—something as a woman I can’t have, something as a woman I can’t be. But with that, I look at the fact that my son, my boy, my baby, my dearest Josiah is living the life I wanted him to live. A life of happiness.

He has a father and mother who wanted him since before he was legally considered a human being instead of one that dared to question her Lord’s greatest gift to a human—LIFE.

Although I continue to shed tears of a mother in mourning, it is not from just the loss anymore, but from the happiness brought by the fact that God pointed me in the right direction back then, to be able to give His love to another. I now go to Wallen Baptist Church, and I continue to seek growth and peace. Growth I know is now fulfilled. I am becoming a better woman and a better mother to my children.

Peace is just over the horizon, and not nearly as far as it used to be.

—Nancy Jones

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