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| November 22, 2015
Pastor Samuel Bellamy

Pastor Samuel Bellamy

By Pastor Samuel Bellamy

I am eternally thankful to our Heavenly Father, who prepared and provided a physical being, who was seen, heard, touched and believed on here in this world.  He, Jesus, was respected in the role of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth.  False leaders of various persuasions preceded him; they attracted followers, they died, and their works were dissolved.  Although, Jesus, the Christ of God was murdered at the request of his enemies, he was resurrected and was seen by many before his ascension.  This man’s life portrayed the very image and likeness of his Father, the very God of creation. He is the Son of God, who was dead, but now, he is alive forever more; his work is still alive and well.

Life in this world is like a vast sea with billions of people; they are ships sprinkled over its surface.  But what good are ships that lack the ability to sail? Jesus’ Father dispatched him here to sail on this sea of life; but his mission/voyage would have been aimless had his Father not empowered him. He admitted that he could do nothing without his Father.  His Father gave him 12 men to subdue, to launch, and to spread the message that brings peace and goodwill to all men.  God’s word and spirit furnish the sail so greatly needed for direction on this “restless sea of tide.”

John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin, cleared a path amidst the blockage of sea traffic.  The conglomeration of confrontation, controversy, confusion of Satanic and human intellect would have and could have diverted God’s very elect, but Jesus was focused.  He knew where his source of power came from. His spiritual senses were heightened; his business was to please his Father.  He was conscious of his Father’s purpose in his life.  Twelve ardent men heeded his call and responded to his teachings.  Jesus trusted them with the Gospel and doctrine given to him by God, his Father.

These 12 loyal believers received power from the same source as their master.   As Elisha’s ministry was greater than that of Elijah, Jesus’ informed the Apostles that their works would exceed his.  Though Jesus’ ministry was primarily to Israel, he equipped his Apostles to minister to all nations, people, kindred and tongues.  As the Apostle Paul gave thanks to God the Father, and Jesus Christ his son, I also give them thanks for the mentors that were sent to instruct me how to safely pilot my ship to the shore of “the sweet by and by”.

Knowledgeable pilots are aware of the perils at sea.  Obstructions, pirates, storms, elements and disease cause many fatalities; and much treasure is lost at sea.  The sea of life is no exception.  Divine wisdom is required from above. Politics, religion, psychology, philosophy and various sciences are not sufficient for the successful navigation of the sea of life.  Had Jesus’ disciples not relied on his ability in that violent storm as they sailed, well, imagine the fate of those seamen had Jesus panicked as they did.  Thank God for Jesus! Wise pilots are empowered from on high.  They install and use their (h.p.s.) heaven position system on life’s seas.

Read Mark 4:35-41, Psalm 121, and Luke 24:49.

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