A tale of two local cities

| July 29, 2015
Robert Wafford

Robert Wafford

I consider myself to be an analytical, balanced and honest thinking person. I mention this to give perceptive as I look at Fort Wayne in totality.

The exit of some businesses from the south side of Fort Wayne leaves no room for debate or discussion. Ponderosa closed on South Anthony; Ponderosa closed on Coldwater Road.

No debate or discussion.

I remember when there were four K-Mart stores in Fort Wayne. There were stores on South Anthony Boulevard, West Jefferson Boulevard, Coldwater Road, and East Coliseum Boulevard. Now there are none.

No debate or discussion.

Here is where I have a concern—where I scratch my head and go “H-u-m-m:”

Target on South Anthony closed. Then two new ones were built—one was built on Illinois Road and another on Coldwater Road. Also, there is one on Stellhorn Road. To a very small degree I understand obsolescence and technology updates businesses are required to make. Then I think to myself, is there a subliminal message we are not reading.

Then there is Meijer’s. There is one on Lima Road. There is one on Illinois Road. There is one on Maysville Road. Why not have one on Highway 27. A Meijer’s in the vicinity of Wal-Mart would be a “game changer” for the south side. Lower Huntington Road or Bluffton Road are also viable locations.

I am not lobbying for a Meijer’s on the south side. I am using Meijer’s as a case study to demonstrate a legitimate concern.

Consumer Reports did a survey of Supermarkets between March 2013 and July 2014. Twenty one supermarkets were rated above Meijer’s.

What I am lobbying for is equity. May we have just one of the 21 supermarkets on the south side?

—Robert Wafford

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