Young conservative millennials more enthusiastic about coming elections

| May 1, 2014

Once again, the election results will boil down to which side is more aggressive in rallying their troops in a get-out-the-vote efforts. At present, that appears to be those on the right of the U.S. political spectrum.

Put another way, it all boils down to who feels most committed to seeing their vision of the future come to pass. And there are various vision of this future—from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of an America with equal opportunity and justice for all to Cliven Bundy’s vision of plantations and cotton picking black folks and all points in between.

The aggressive political rhetoric of the day demonstrates that some folks in this country are acting out of extreme desperation and will go to extreme means to seize power. Lying and fear mongering have become the currency of the day so expect to see a lot of it in those get-out-the vote efforts.

Poll finds conservative millennials to be more enthusiastic as midterms approach


A new poll by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics found that only 23 percent of young Americans say they will “definitely be voting” this November. The poll, which asked 18 to 29 year olds around the country about their outlook on American politics, is in sharp contrast to the 34 percent of millennials who gave the same answer a mere five months ago.

The poll also shows that 44 percent of millennials who turned out for Mitt Romney in 2012 said that they will definitely be voting, while only 35 percent of 2012 Barack Obama voters said they will. This is likely to concern Democrats across the country, who need young Americans to turn up at the polls this year if they want to ensure their hold on the Senate majority.

via Poll finds conservative millennials to be more enthusiastic as midterms approach | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour.

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