Xbox hackers break in to army computer system

| April 13, 2014

Hmmmm. All the money we spend on defense and security and the U.S Army’s computer system is penetrated by guys trying to get the heads up on a video game. Well, no need to worry because we’re sure that governments across the world—as usual—are well behind kids and others in the video game world. Good thing the Chinese and the Russians are too thrilled with their kids playing decadent western video games because the will severely limit their strategic prowess. Now the Japanese, that’s another matter…

FBI Arrests Trio For Microsoft Xbox Hacking

Feds: Men also stole pre-release video games during intrusions

APRIL 10–A group of alleged hackers has been charged with breaking into the computer systems of the U.S Army, Microsoft, and several other firms to steal pre-release copies of popular video games like “Call of Duty,” simulation software for Apache attack helicopter pilots, and confidential data that was used to create counterfeit versions of the Xbox gaming system, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Three men have been named in a sealed federal indictment charging them each with 15 felony counts, including conspiracy, fraud, and computer hacking, according to a copy of the 54-page document obtained by TSG.

Two other alleged hackers–a North Carolina resident and an Australian teenager–have been identified as unindicted coconspirators in the scheme, which began in early-2011 and continued for more than two years.

via FBI Arrests Trio For Microsoft Xbox Hacking | The Smoking Gun.

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