Words of the Week—Science does NOT refute God

| February 28, 2014
Minister Jason Malveaux

Minister Jason Malveaux

By Minister Jason Malveaux

Special to the NNPA from the Los Angeles Sentinel

Great thinkers deny the existence of Almighty God only to replace Him with almighty science. Findings are quoted with religious fervor and science is quoted as if it were a great prophet or holy writ.

God is called to defend Himself against the onslaught of laboratory experiments, which never prove God wrong, simply men acting in the name of God wrong.

Is nature not miraculous?  Which astronomer with an extra-ordinary understanding of the inner workings of our universe can reproduce the spark that caused its being?  Which physicist with equal credentials can change the orbit of a single planet or slow the rotation of ours?  Which biologist can make life with the ease, efficiency, and joy that we have freely enjoyed since the beginning of our race?

Yet, with dismissive tone and arrogant pride, they quote a textbook or two, as if it were the holy writ, provide few answers, except to say, “We’re working on it, but we need more time,” which mostly means money.

Perhaps, since they know so much, they should all get together and create a god-free universe they can all study endlessly. But wait, that would make them the gods of that universe then successive scientists would then prove they never existed and explain its inner workings absent their influence.

Karl Marx quipped that “Religion is an ‘Opiate’ a means by which to control people.” Nigel Barber, Ph.D., in his article, “Why Atheism Will Replace Religion,” posited this: “…many alternative products are being offered, such as psychotropic medicines and electronic entertainment that have fewer strings attached and that do not require slavish conformity to unscientific beliefs.”

His conclusion suggests that science—the almighty—will replace religion because through medicine and entertainment we will live the lives we want with “fewer strings attached” and “do not require slavish conformity to unscientific beliefs.” Therefore, our society is giving up “church” for Prozac, a therapist, and Xbox and surely Science will never require slavish conformity to scientific beliefs.

Dr. Barber further observes that as families get smaller and more educated, their lives will become less complicated with fewer uncertainties.  Is he suggesting that science is working on a pill to stop people from getting sick, from children contracting leukemia, from divorces tearing up families, from thieves breaking into homes, from murders robbing parents of their children? Just what part of suffering does Dr. Barber want to solve with science?

Einstein believed in God, Newton believed in God, Galileo believed in God. At what point in one’s education does God become irrelevant?  When empiricism is taught as a religion and not a tool by which we arrive at answers.

Religion has been manipulated and used as a weapon to control the actions of people. True religion should cause one to demonstrate kindness and compassion on those whose voices are smothered by circumstance and politics.

Manipulated religion causes men to drive their airships into seafaring vessels, detonate themselves in crowded spaces, or hack and slay their way to victory because “God wills it.”

True religion stands at the salt flats and demands dignity, endures prison to free a people, and works to create an island of hope in a sea of injustice. As long as there are men and women whose thirsts for prestige, power, property, and payola drive them, we will need to pray.

As long as medical sciences best look a mother and father in the face and say, “There’s no more we can do,” we will need to pray. As long as we live in an uncertain world, we will need to pray.

God’s relevance should be validated by nature, felt in the heart and soul of every person, and practiced by those whose lives are a testament to His love, mercy and compassion.

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