Woman learns to be careful opening her door

| May 20, 2014
Chasiti Falls

Chasiti Falls

By Chasiti Falls

In 2014, you will not find too many people anymore who trust family members enough to allow them to live with them, let alone an acquaintance. There is a small population of people who put their faith in forces other than the hearts of man. Tamica Lincoln, originally of Fort Worth, Texas, is one of these who still believe in the Golden Rule. She recently had firsthand experience that everyone does not feel honesty is the best policy.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Lincoln who was residing in Longview, Texas,  living a single woman 30-something life—working two jobs and covering the “post” position for the 903 Elite basketball team trying to do  things in the eyes of God.

One day when she was requested to work at a different location for her employer, she encountered a persuasive young lady going by the name of “Charity Stevens.” “Charity” immediately began to lure Lincoln by her natural compassion for another human being and befriended Lincoln by accompanying her to church.

Lincoln was led to believe in March that “Charity” was a 15-year-old orphan living with her sister who is a single mother. “Charity’s” modus operandi is to tell the tale of being a molestation victim whose mother had died.

Turns out, “Charity” is actually Charity Anne Johnson, all grown up and the “sister” is a woman she met at the local homeless shelter. Longview police made the statement May 15 that Johnson is actually 34.

Charity had a good scam going—food, shelter and education. Yes! Charity was going to school again. She enrolled as a home schooled student at New Life Christian School for the tenth grade in October 2013. Lincoln was acting as Charity’s literal guardian meeting teachers, clothing and feeding this woman.

I inquired what was it like to live with Charity, what type of person was she? Lincoln explained she was quiet and cleaned up, always on Facebook and the phone conversing with who Lincoln thought were teenagers. Later, classmates and coworkers confirmed that she was speaking with other adults.

How did this go unseen? Well, Lincoln and Charity do not work the same location, she always called her mom, and when someone asked who did your hair she replied as if she was giving recommendation.

Fortunately, what one does in the dark shall surely come to light. Charity also made nice with Osarieme Obaseki CEO and founder of What About Us nonprofit organization. They took a trip to Dallas which Charity attended and, I guess, saw another window of opportunity that she could squeeze through. Lincoln and Charity were engaged in a conversation of becoming adopted. She began to become anxious and panicky when Obaseki explained the legal protocol of being adopted. This by the grace sent Obaseki a red flag and she became determined to share her concern with Lincoln about Charity’s suspicious identity. It was then by mercy Lincoln was given a tip that Charity’s employee file had on record the date of birth Nov. 1979—along with her real name.

When I asked Lincoln why she called the police, she gave me a gangster chuckle and said, “I wanted her out of my home!” Lincoln said that she couldn’t be there with that “strange” person, so she waited outside in the pouring rain for the police. When the authorities arrived, they gave Lincoln the good ol’ legal rigmarole until she told the officer, “If you don’t get her out, one of us is going to jail”. The officer then decided it was best to go talk to Charity. As soon as the officer shined the light on Charity, she indeed looked like a deer in the headlights and the guilt showed that the gig was up.  The office asked her for a date of birth and she stumbled to give an answered that matched her “situation.” Not convinced the office posed the date of birth question again and Charity in haste gave a different response from the first time. She also failed to produce an identification card which is a criminal offense. Charity was arrested May 12. The woman has been charged with failure to identify/giving false, fictitious information. She remains in the Gregg County Jail on $500 bond.

My importantly, I asked Lincoln if she knew of any accusations at the school that Charity was inappropriate with any of the students. Lincoln confirmed that she was present when the school principal addressed the concern with the student body and none have been made.

However, late May 15, reports started coming in that a Rickie Williams, 23, who claims to have started dating an 18-year-old “Charity Stevens” last summer. I am going to leave that alone.

I asked Lincoln how she felt now about the whole ordeal.

“I am shocked!” said Lincoln.

She explained that she is going to be all right because she knows’ God got’ her. She is going to keep doing what she been doing—leaning on Jesus.

“Would you ever open the doors of your home again, would you ever be able to trust again?” I asked her.

“I don’t know how to answer that [be]cause I am a nice person and I am always going to do my best,” she said.

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