Will voters hear Hillary Clinton’s appeal to act in their own self interests?

| April 27, 2014

We find that it interesting that so many voters will not support someone who is telling them that it’s okay to act in their own self interests—just like oligarchs who run things do. For example, we don’t understand women who don’t want equal pay for equal work; we don’t understand union workers, or for that matter, workers who like 40-hour work weeks, eight-hour days and other union-won working conditions who vote for anti-union candidates, nor do we understand people who vote for folks against health care reform based on the rhetoric of people who have the best healthcare in the country—paid for by the same taxpayers they say don’t need it. Seems that black folks aren’t the only people affected by what Dr. Na’im Akbar has cataloged as the “Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery.”

So, we wonder if Mrs. Clinton’s message will resonate with women and people who make minimum wage. Or, will they let the “masters'” chains bind their minds from acting in their own self interests and buy the argument that the interests of the oligarchs ARE the interests of the common folk?


Hillary Clinton: Raise the minimum wage

Hillary Clinton: Raise the minimum wage

Clinton spoke about the struggles facing women in the workforce.

The State Column, Jo Beth Bootz

During a recent speech to the United Methodist Women Assembly, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton embraced the economic plight of women in the workforce. While speaking to a packed house of more than 7,000 women, Clinton passionately declared it’s time to go out and help “wake up our country” to the potential of women if they are given a fair chance.

Considered one of the major front runners for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton strategically stayed clear of politics during a speech in which she highlighted her own struggles for equality as a professional woman. Interjecting her faith-filled journey as a Methodist believer, she rallied women to go out and make their contributions. She also gave an impassioned plea for companies to focus on equal pay and benefits as drivers for future success.

via Hillary Clinton: Raise the minimum wage | The State Column.

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