White House to limit spying on phone calls

| March 25, 2014

We still find it amazing that folks are so outraged over the government mining data on cell phone calls. Conscious folks in the black community have always known that the government likes to listen in on conversations. You learn to deal with it—”dot-dot-ditty-dot-dot-dash, damned if i know,” for those of you who get it and dig Gil Scott-Heron. Funny how some folks are outraged after they get a taste of the reality some of us have seen for a very long time.

Besides, we figure if the government is monitoring our phone calls, someone must be really bored! Meanwhile, check out this:

By Ellen Nakashima

The Obama administration is preparing legislation that would end the National Security Agency’s widespread collection of Americans’ phone data while, officials say, preserving the government’s ability to gain information about terrorists.

The legislation, senior officials say, would allow data about phone calls made to and from Americans to be kept with the phone companies. The companies would not be required to hold the data longer than they normally would.

via White House plan would end NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone data – The Washington Post.

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