Weapons ban at Republican convention hypocrisy litmus test

| May 20, 2014

We wonder how this weapons prohibition is going to play with a significant part of the Republican Party base that seems to ignore party decisions that have led to the Patriot Act and erosion of personal freedoms for Americans, vast support for corporate welfare and other policies that have proved a detriment to working class folks as long as they have the proper Second Amendment stance. Will those interested in the issue be disappointed that the party is hiding behind “venue” policies and not stepping up to the plate to protest those policies?

In the Bible, Christ speaks of men who hide behind the letter of the law to cover their own hypocrisy. (See Luke 18:9-14) ( The same Bible also teach that even the “elect” will be fooled as explained in Revelation 19:19-21. And, of course there will be those who claim the “other side” is the beast but have they considered that the beast will fool the elect? Hmmmm.)

Point is, we wonder if the gun rights base of the Republican Party will let this go without issuing a serious challenge of some sort and how will the party respond? If the party doesn’t challenge this and hides behind the law, we suspect either chicanery or cowardice; if the gun rights wing lets it go unchallenged, we’ll know that they’re willing to sell their votes for a small corner of the farm—even if it causes them to look like hypocrites who only challenges horses of a different color.

Or, there is another way. The party could say that while they respect those rights of individuals, they also stand by the rights of communities to set rules—particularly on private property—concern what folks carry in but, of course, that would be something of a compromise—something that is a bad word in today’s extreme political climate.


Weapons prohibited at main venues for Indiana Republican convention in Fort Wayne next month


FORT WAYNE, Indiana — Hundreds of Indiana Republicans attending the party’s state convention in Fort Wayne next month won’t be able to carry firearms into the event’s main venues.

The June 6-7 convention is being held outside Indianapolis for the first time and planners have organized an event with food and bands at the Parkview Field baseball stadium and a Kenny Loggins concert at the downtown Embassy Theatre. The party convention will be at the Grand Wayne Center.

Allen County Republican chairman Steve Shine tells The Journal Gazette (http://bit.ly/1h3PpKS ) all three venues have policies against firearms and he doesn’t expect them to change for the convention.

Republican state Sen. Jim Banks of Columbia City says he expects some attending the convention will be upset about the gun ban.

via Weapons prohibited at main venues for Indiana Republican convention in Fort Wayne next month.

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