The truth about spiritual identity

| April 30, 2014
Eddie Arrington

Eddie Arrington

By Eddie Arrington

Presented by Eric D. Hackley

In my travels, my personal and spiritual understanding of blackness means that something is devoid of light.  So, if you’re devoid of light, how can you claim a right to our Father who sits on the Throne?  How can you claim that if you say, you’re walking in darkness?

I understand that we all need an identity, and it is clear as to what my identity is. I am first of all a man made from dust. Now let’s grip this thing.  I said dust! I didn’t say clay or dirt!  And the reason why I believe my Father chose dust is because dust has no additives, it is pure.  So therefore, we are all made out of purity.  Well I know some people say, he took clay. Some religions even put a title on it by saying “black clay.”

God said, “Let the redeemed say so.” He didn’t say, let the colored folks say so. If you recall, back in the 1940s and 1950s, there were laws that were made specifically to identify who is who.  You had the colored over there and the white over there. White is supposed to be pure.  That’s why it is compared with snow.  Thus far, I have seen no white people yet. It may sound stupid to some people, but my eves have not seen any white people!  I’ve seen albino and I’ve seen some so dark that they looked blue, but they were not black.

If you observe a baby from birth, regardless of nationality, they are identical. If you observe those same babies once they have become deceased after a while, they are identical.  We are all the same. That’s why Jesus said, “My brothers.” He didn’t say my slaves, He said my brothers.  He said, “Love ye one another as I so love.”

This “black thing” has caused a lot of hardship in relationships.  There are people of different nationalities, if you want to call them that, who can’t really love to the fullest because of what Jim Crow might think or what Bobby Brown might think. Love is love. It doesn’t come from the mind. It comes from the heart. Man can change his mind, but not his heart. That is why He said, “Renew your mind.”  Renew your mind, then you’ll renew your temple. You see, God is true light, not artificial light.  He’s not a light to put a lampshade on.  Brothers are to embrace one another in brotherly love, not in colorly love.

We holler about how we had the most killings of blacks in Fort Wayne history. Those weren’t black killings! Those were evil killings. The spirit of evil cares nothing about your color. Look at Adolph Hitler.  Was Hitler a black man?  Were the people he killed black people?  No!

So this thing is not about color. It is really about the mind, your mind. I know we all need an identity, but I would rather identify myself as a man made by dust to be returned back into dust.  Whatever title you put on me, you may.  Many people say they’re gonna call you…Well they’re gonna do that anyway! Didn’t they deny Jesus who did no wrong?  So who do you think you are that someone should respect you? He said we deal with people in high places. Even with President Obama, people were shocked at a black man becoming president. No, no, no! That wasn’t a black man! That was someone who was appointed to open our eyes to what can be accomplished if you want to accomplish it. It is not like the brother just jumped up there one day and the next day was elected.  No! He struggled like anyone else, like white people, yellow people, orange people or anyone else.

We’re going to have to get the mindset that this thing is not about what the eyes can see.  So we’re going to have to get away from this thing about black and white people! I understand that we have been conditioned unconsciously and this is the way we feel.  We want to be as Allah alludes to as the “chosen ones.” I know you brothers have heard that before. We’re the chosen people!  If you have not been redeemed, you’re not the chosen people.  He said, “Let the redeemed say so.”

What did He mean by that?  If you feel you are worthy of being called the son and you have been blessed in that fashion, it becomes your job to share that with whoever you come in contact with. Not just those who do you right, but those who did you wrong too. He said love your enemies. But how can you do that?  By knowing that, in loving your enemies you might be able to convert them to love someone else.  It’s a chain effect.  Love is love. Love cannot be denied entirely. It may be rejected for a moment, but at the point of consciousness meets with the spirit of self, it comes through remembrance. I will show you love and it felt good!  So let me embrace someone else with that love. That’s what we need to start doing.

We need to be more conscious about blackness.  Blackness has a tendency to conceal the truth.  Some of our laws are predicated on blackness.  What I mean by that is, it doesn’t reveal itself because it’s subject to change without notice.  It was once a law that we could not fellowship like this.  There were those who were in position who would come after you and literally kill you.  But is was the law. Who’s law? Man’s law. Sometimes man’s law, like Dr. King alluded too,  must be denied.  There are ordinances that are clearly discriminatory, but they’re on the books to be utilized anytime they get ready.  Especially here in this State of Indiana.

So that’s my take on that black thing. There is no such thing.  What it is, is a black lie.

The following is a question Eric Hackley asked. Mr. Arrington’s answer follows”

Eric Hackley: African Americans have to cultivate racial strength somewhere.  Shouldn’t it be tied to our being black?  As long as we say there’s no blackness, doesn’t that mean we have no collective strength?

Eddie Arrington: No, I don’t agree with that because your strength lies in your belief. I believe that my heavenly Father gives me all the strength I need. He has everything, so why would I worry about those things of materialistic value. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy materialistic things but those are not the things that will sustain you when our health fails you.  Those are not the things that will sustain you when it’s time for your judgment.  So that’s what I believe my Father says when He said, “Build your treasures upon high.” A lot of us get caught up on materialistic possessions.  Even in the spiritual realm, we’re doing things we wouldn’t ordinarily do because we’re being hoodwinked unbeknownst to us.

When I was called into my ministry, there were certain things that certain people did not want me to do that I was accustomed to doing that I saw no wrong in doing. And I chose to keep doing those things.  So I was to be disciplined by them.  I refused to be disciplined by someone who did not call me to do what I was doing.  I say that because sometimes, you may have to lose your job or other things to stand up for riotousness.  But, if you stand up for riotousness, I will guarantee you that whatever you lose, He will double it for you.


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