Study: High autism rates linked to pollution

| March 14, 2014

It’s interesting that so much attention regarding autism has focused on alleged links to vaccines and other medical practices (particularly among conspiracy theorists) yet attention is just being drawn to environmental factors—especially pollution. If the information below is accurate, it appears to be another case profits before people as with asthma and outmoded manufacturing processes. Many politicians are quick to say that we must protect “jobs” that produce dangerous conditions for people—or continue to use fuel technologies that poison us—all so that we “protect the economy.” The attitude appears to be short-sighted. First of all, if we continue to produce products and byproducts that poison people, health costs will take a toll not just in money but in lives. The old folks use to teach, “You can always get more money, but you’re health, when it’s gone, it’s gone.” Given that, the following article might be of interest:

High autism rates linked to environmental pollution: Study

An analysis of 100 million US medical records shows one of the most dramatic proofs of a link between environmental pollutants and autism and intellectual disability.

via High autism rates linked to environmental pollution: Study – The Times of India.

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