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| August 8, 2014
Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

By Jeanie Summerville

Whatz up, babies?

This week’s spotlight is a little different because instead of spotlighting a person or a group of people, I’m shining the light on a product that can benefit all of you. That’s right, I said it! And, I’m proud to say it again—can benefit all of You, in the name of love, once everyone that owns or operates a business is a part of it—and it‘s called the Frost Media App. You may ask, how can this Frost Media app benefit me? The answer is, in this thing called life, one benefit that we do have is called time, and time is very precious and waits for no one. That’s why it’s so important to utilize it well.

Jeanie-Frost-Media-AppSo in turn, with Frost Illustrated knowing this, we’re doing our part by having the Frost Media App available for you because it’s a tool to save you time, and in turn, will make your lives a little easier. For the more time you have, the more beauty, love, joy and happiness you can feel and give, if you chose too. Also, never forget about your peace of mind because having it makes your lives a little easier as well. And then, you’ll have more time to smell those beautiful roses, spend more time with your loved ones and spend more time doing whatever you please because you deserve it! And, with the Frost Media App on your Android and/or Apple smartphones and tablets, you’re never alone because it’s only a tap away.

At this time, I’m appealing to everyone that has a business—and I don’t care what kind of business it is because somewhere, somebody needs you and we want you to be available for them in their time of need. A little later in this spotlight, you’ll find out what you need to do to be included. But for right now, I’m going to take you on some journeys to capture your attention by bringing to everybody some real-life situations than can happen, and I’m gonna have a little bit of fun with it and I hope you will too. So get ready, get set, here we go!

#1.) Romantic Situation—Your significant other just called you on the phone and is extremely happy,  so they say, “honey put on that red dress that I love to see you in because we’re going to an expensive restaurant and dancing tonight, so be ready when I get there.” But before you can say anything, your phone is disconnected because your monthly fee is too high and you just simply couldn’t afford it. And, you didn’t realize that you could also pay it weekly on some phones. But being the woman that you are, you’re not going to let that get you down! So now, you’re very happy and excited because you feel your relationship has been in the dump lately and maybe this could be the beginning of adding some sparks into it.

So you get up, run to your closet and get that red dress but while you’re swirling yourself around feeling this wonderful joy you realize, you’ve put on a little weight since the last time you wore it and it wouldn’t fit you anymore, so now you‘re a little disappointed. Then you go to the mirror to look at yourself and realize that your hair and nails are not looking the way that you know you like them to, so you’re a little more disappointed. And then, to put the icing on the cake, while you’re thinking about what you could do to get yourself together before your significant other gets there, you hear a little voice that says, “Mama!” Instantly, you stop dead in your tracks because you know now that you have to find a sitter in order for this to happen. But, when the Frost Media App. is the way we want it, you won’t have those kind of worries anymore because we’ll have you covered. This situation targets restaurants, telephone providers, hair stylist, nail techs, clothing stores, daycares and sitters.

#2.) Family and Friends Situation—You’re having a wonderful barbeque and you’ve invited your favorite family members and friends and everybody is having a fantastic time. But somewhere along the way, something went wrong and everyone’s stomach including yours, starts bubbling and you and your guests had to dash to the restrooms. Now your toilets are running over, so in turn, your house is a mess and your guest are leaving, so what are you going to do? Are you just going to stand there and cry, complain, pull your hair out or leave your home as well and say, I’ll deal with this later?

Well, you won’t have to go through anything such as this again once the Frost Media App is in place because you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to waste your time looking through all of those numbers in the yellow pages. This situation targets plumbers, contractors, etc.

#3.) Oops Situation—You’re stranded, because you said something to the driver of the vehicle that you were riding with that they didn’t like and so they, put you out. And, for that moment you’re like, so what! I’ll just call my girls or my guys and they’ll come get me because they love me and they got my back. But little did you know, that when you said what you said to the driver, they had already beat you to the punch and texted everybody and told them what you said. So in turn, no one is willing to be available for you but Frost Media App will, once we‘re in place. Then, all you’ll have to do is, scroll down to a taxi cab company and they’ll come and pick you up. It’s not gonna be free but you won’t be stranded anymore and that’s what’s important.

That was fun, so now let’s get down to the real nitty gritty:

For the past two or so months, hopefully you’ve noticed the advertisement throughout Frost Illustrated informing you of the New Frost Media App and what it has to offer. But for those of you that missed them, for whatever reason, we’re making sure that you’re made aware today. And, all you have to do to experience this beauty is:

1.) Download the free Frost Media App by scanning the code from Frost Illustrated Newspaper with your Android and/or Apple smartphone or tablet or visit with your phone’s browser. Now you’re in business and you can find local businesses that value you in the Directory tab. You’ll also have these wonderful things as well available to you 24/7

2.) Events—Find out what’s going on in the community by visiting the events tab in the app and you can even add the details on your phone calendar with just one tap.

3.) News Feed—Get the latest news from the city, the country and the world right at your fingertips.

4.) Frost Cam—See something newsworthy? Use this tab to take and send in photos of news as you see it. We may print them or add them to our gallery.

5.) Find Frost—Find the closest spot in town to pick up a print copy of Frost Illustrated

Now, How to Advertise Your Business: Our Basic and Premium Packages are just delightful because they put your business into the pockets of customers 24/7 by listing it in the Frost Media app Directory. And, for as little as $25 per month (three-month minimum) for our Basic Package, you can be listed here in the app Directory, PLUS on our website at PLUS in the print edition each month. The app Directory also gives everyone the ability to call your business directly by just tapping on your phone number!

Our Premium Package includes a featured listing in the paper and on the website (to make your business stand out) AND a Display ad in the Frost Media Mobile App Directory 24/7 as well. This ad in the app Directory is like having your own mini website within the app and may include your logo, photos, hours, special offers, etc.  All for just $50 per month (three-month minimum).

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Frost Media App and what it has to offer. There are many other features to explore and we have plans for many more in the future. So everybody get on board with the businesses that are currently a part of Frost Media app and make this beauty happen for our community. Don’t hesitate to call me on my cell number (260) 804-6516 or Frost Illustrated office at (260) 745-0552 for more information. Or, if you’d like for me to visit you and go over everything in person, I’d be happy to do that too.

Now in closing I say, the beauty behind Frost Media App is, we’re working diligently to please you. So until next week, you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie. Bye, bye babies.

P.S. If you would like The Spotlight shined upon you or someone that you know, all in the name of love, just send me an e-mail to upclosewithjeanie@yahoo. com. I’d love to hear from ya.

P.P.S. I’d like to thank all of you who have been sending me e-mails to give me some feedback on our journey. Keep up the good work and to those who haven’t please feel free to do so because I’d love to hear from you too.

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