Spotlight on singer, songwriter, producer, arranger Fatima Washington

| April 16, 2014
Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

By Jeanie Summerville

Whatz up, babies?

You now, time really flies when you’re having fun embracing the beauty of life. But, I know that it’s hard to do that, if you’re experiencing something that brings pain and sorrow. So at this time, I’d like to say, my heart goes out to you and if I could take it all away and bring you some joy, beauty, happiness, fun, excitement and some form of peace of mind, I would and you know I would. For since the week of July 22, 2011 until now April 15, 2014 there have been 127 Spotlights, 12 Specialty Pages and four Inspirational Pages that were all done on you and for you. That means, every week I’ve spent some wonderful quality time with all of you and you with me, as we travel on our journey of love, to get to know one another better and I love it, just love it!

On that note, let’s have some fun because I have my dancing shoes on since I’m headed to the American Legion Post 148 at 705 E. Lewis St., here in Fort Wayne. I’m excited because I’ve heard a lot about this R&B, urban, soul and pop singer who’s also a songwriter, producer and arranger. But, because of time, I never had the opportunity to witness what she brings to the table and I’m so happy to be here. While walking into the room, I feel a sense of magnetic electricity because her personality, style, grace and her passion for her craft is so strong that it’s gratifying to watch. She also possess what I call the beauty of magic because no one is taking their eyes off of her since they don’t want to miss out on anything. So at this time all we want you to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. Or, stand and jump and shout if you want to! You can do that because Frost Illustrated is gonna take you there and this is what she has to say:

Fatima Washington

Fatima Washington

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers. My name is Fatima Washington and I’m here tonight at the American Legion Post 148 and it’s been a while since I’ve been here but it feels real good to be back. And, contrary to what some may say, I don’t sing karaoke and never have. Honestly, I’m afraid of it and I‘ll freak out. But if you fill a stadium and put me on stage, I can sing in front of tons and tons of people and I’ll feel very comfortable.

“I was born in New Jersey but I was raised here in Fort Wayne, Ind., and my mother said I was a hummer as a baby because I didn’t know any words. But by the time that I knew words, I was game for every song on the radio. We’d play name that tune in the car and I knew all the songs, so I was always someone who sang. I don’t think it was until the teen explosion of like Brandy, Monica, Brittney Spears and Destiny’s Child that I thought, ‘Ah, people my age are doing this.’ So I started doing shows too.

 “I also performed in a lot of talent shows and a talent show circuit with Contrell Tyler and Tasha Danea. All of us kind of did the same circuit of talent shows together and it was great and we had fun. But all the while, I was really a book worm. So I went off to college at Emory University of Atlanta for about four years and got my BA in psychology. Then I got ill and at my early age I was like, ‘Wow! I know that I’m smart but I really want to do this music thing because that’s where my heart is,’ and so I came back home after school and I just kind of hit the ground running.

“Thank you very much to the likes of Ty Causey and people who took me under their wings and said, ‘Hey, I’m doing this show why don’t you do a few songs?’ A few songs, every now and then, at The Blu Tomato turned into me doing more and more songs then it turned into my own night and everything kind of exploded from there. I will always have a passion for performing because there’s an amazing feel that comes with that but I’m definitely moving into some more writing ventures. When I perform, I also sing some of the songs that I wrote and the one that I sang tonight is called ‘Follow Me.’ I have a full CD out and I wrote every lyric that you hear, all of the melodies that you hear and I worked with some amazing local producers.

“In a short time, I’ve gone from being just another young performer to having my own night at several clubs and restaurants. I also sang background vocals for Trace Adkins while on the Shine On Tour with Martina McBride to thousands. Additionally, I opened for Jagged Edge, Avant, After Seven, Keith Sweat, Bobby Valentino, SOS Band, The Whispers and shared a stage with Tony Award Winner, Heather Headley. I’ve toured New York, California, Florida, Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Dayton and various parts of Europe, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris but my family is here so my base is here and I’ve been very blessed.

“I also sing background vocals, record voice overs and jingles for various studio recordings for Sweetwater Sound and I have performed for Down The Line Concert series in 2009, The Homeless Walk, The Urban League Black and White Ball in Indianapolis, Sickle Cell Foundation, Indianapolis Black Expo, Fort Wayne Magazine’s Womens Night to an audience of over two thousand. On Sept. 24, 2011 I released my debut CD ‘A Part of Me’ to the world. This CD has my hit single ‘Loving You’ and ‘Follow me.’ You can get these singles and the entire project on iTunes, Amazon and and several other internet stores for digital down load. I wrote and arranged all of the songs on the CD and co-produced portions of the albums with local producers and I also played instruments on a few of the songs for the album. My third highly anticipated single ‘Addiction’ was also released in 2011 and I’m enjoying being in the music industry and I’m having fun. I want to thank GOD for blessing me with a gift and giving me the courage to share it.”

Now, Ron comes to you and this is what he has to say about Fatima Washington:

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers. My name is Ronald Snead and I’m over public relations with Willie David Entertainment which is the business that Fatima sings under. Since 2011 until now, Fatima has spending a lot of time writing songs, recording in studios, voice overs and we’re embarking on new territories out of state to do some really big shows and/or collaborate with some superstars in New York and California.

“Fatima has always had a beautiful voice but it took her time to bring it out only because she didn’t feel like she would be accepted in the community because we’re not from Fort Wayne. As time went on, she had a lot of people to encourage her, especially under Willie David Entertainment because it’s founded by our family members and consist of myself and her mother who is her manager. We stick together because we feel that she needs to get her voice out there and tell everybody what she feels about what she does and why she does it.

“Naturally, she’s a good hearted person and she’s someone that I feel whose potential is so deep that sometimes she amazes herself of what she does. That’s something that everybody comes to when they realize what they’re capable of doing and this is something that she does for fun. She just started to realize that this is something she wants to do for a living, so she said, ‘I would like to pursue my career of what I love doing.’ I said, ‘Good,’ then she asked me to be on board with the company and the name Willie David came about is that my father’s brother had died and my mother’s brother had died and she had never met either one of them so we decided to keep their names alive. As time grew, Fatima gained recognition inside and outside of the city.

“My job for her is, I’m a hunter. I go out and hunt and bring it back to the team I go out and make things happen and I get gigs and I put things together for us collectively. We do all that we do so she can look good and make it look easy but her job is to make it fantastic because she has a very fantastic voice and a great personality. Fatima is very humble, she has a big heart and loves giving back to the community in what she does and what she loves. She also cares a lot about people feelings, how they’re living, how they think because she’s excited about improving other people’s lives. She love that uplifting women to women thing and she love uplifting people in general. Because in this time and age, people are hurting and they need to see and hear something that will uplift and bring them joy and Fatima has that type of voice and personality. I have heard on numerous occasions that when people see her for the first time, they fall in love with her because she’s that inviting on the stage.

“She keeps me motivated because this type of business is about who you know and if you have money. So basically, those two go hand and hand. The more money you have, the more people you can surround yourself with in the business. People like to be entertained and so it’s my job to make sure that they know what Fatima has to offer on the stage. That’s why it’s so important to get her noticed in different areas because the more people that sees and hear her, then the more biz we’ll get. I believe she’s up there just as much as the superstars that you know of today, she’s one of those too, we just have to get her noticed in different areas full-time. She’s also the narrator on all of the Three Rivers Credit Union commercials on television and radio. You may not see her face but it’s her voice. She has also done voice overs in different states. For booking info contact Louise Bolan at (260) 418-7735 or and simply put, catch her while you can!”

Now in closing I say, Fantastic Job Fatima! I truly enjoyed your performance and I’m so proud of you. I also hope that all of your entertainment visions come true, in the name of love. So until next week, you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie. Bye, bye babies.

P.S. If you or someone you know are in the Arts & Entertainment Industry and would like the SPOTLIGHT shined on “You” so that we can have some more fun, joy, beauty and happiness, all in the name of love, just send me an e-mail to I’d love to hear from ya.

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