Spotlight on Jay Walker and his gourmet flavored rinds

| January 24, 2014
Jay Walker and Kadijah Martin display some gourmet rinds. (Photo: Jeanie Summerville)

Jay Walker and Kadijah Martin display some gourmet rinds. (Photo: Jeanie Summerville)


Whatz up babies?

I hope all is well with you and yours and that all of you are still taking the time out to bring yourselves some more joy, beauty, happiness and some form of peace of mind, as we travel together on our journey of love to get to know one another better. On that note, next month is Black History Month and I’d like to bring to you another Specialty Page. But with this one, I think it would be wonderful if we honor our national and local fallen pioneer leaders who helped fashion the world, as well as, this community by what they brought to the table such as Al Stiles, George Smith and etc. Also, to show our living leaders some love and give them the opportunity to give some love back by inspiring or motivating our youth.

This page needs you and people like you, so please don’t hesitate and give me a call today at (260) 745-0552 or send me an email to to reserve the number of spaces you‘d like to have. Be a part of something Big and Beautiful, claim it! On that note, we bring to you this week’s spotlight and this is what he has to say:

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers. My name is Jay Walker and I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Ind., and I’m introducing a new texture in a variety of flavored gourmet pork, chicken and eventually turkey rinds. They’re made here locally at a grocery store and this is how it works. We place our order for plain rinds with them and then we do our part, through a process, to make them into gourmet rinds. We currently have 20 different delicious flavors available such as Smokey BBQ, Garlic Pepper Rib-Rub, Bacon Ranch, Jalapeño Pepper, Greens and Peppercorn (which taste like greens and cord bread), Buffalo Wings and many, many more. We also customize flavors as well.

“And, this is why and how it all came to be: I’m the type of person that always comes up with ideals to boost business and one day, while walking through this grocery store, I noticed that they make their own pork rinds and in the gourmet fashion. They also make special orders for people too, so I tried them. I thought they we’re a little plain, as far as what I’d do with them but I did like the texture, the softness of the rinds and the way they’re made. So I bought some of the plain rinds, left the store and went to lavish them with some seasoning ingredients through a process. And after that, I had some family members taste them and they loved them. Then I asked my fiancée Kadijah Martin to try them and she loved them too. That was basically my confirmation because she’s a picky eater and I knew, that since she loves them, I’m sure other people will too. So we worked on the gourmet rinds together and she was very instrumental in coming up with some of the different names, being a test taster, helping with bagging, labels and everything else that needed to be done. She is basically like my Michele Obama to Barrack.

“Some may ask why gourmet rinds? Because I’m into gourmet cooking and I’m just like other people, within the cooking industry, I’m trying to find something that will intrigue people’s taste buds while putting a smile on their face and leave them asking for more. Also, processing gourmet rinds is perfect for me especially since my family is into creating different sauces, stemming from my Uncle David Wright Jr., who owned the restaurant Wright’s Ribs and made a gourmet flavoring sauce for his ribs. I learned a lot from my Uncle David, so I knew that I had to find a neutral seasoning by putting myself in the line of the taste buds of our customers. Now, no matter what flavor you choose they’re all delicious. We’re also the only one in the industry that makes a multitude of flavors in rinds.

“When it comes to our gourmet rinds versus the grocery store gourmet rinds, ours are better than anyone else’s on the market because we put in a lot of time into processing them and through processing, that allows our seasonings to set in and off-set the sodium. Pork rinds are known for a lot of salt to give it it’s taste, so our flavoring ingredients off-set the sodium and you don‘t taste the salt because the sodium is reduced. It’s also a better product because of the quality that the rinds are made from, so they’re not to soft or to hard and it’s a texture that absorbs the flavoring that we provide. Other pork rind companies and/or industries, have the bags that are aired, so they’re just more about profit and some others, make them real hard. Plus, they don’t really communicate with the customers but we do and when we make our gourmet rinds, we’re thinking about the customer rather than a profit.

“Our headquarters is located here in Fort Wayne and we’ve actually been in business for about two months now and so far, things are going great. We’re actually at the point where the demand is definitely growing. We started off with a small customer base and now we’re busy to meet the demand for our growth. Myself, my small staff and my vendors love to see how fast our gourmet rinds are selling.

“We bring theses rinds to you through Fon Co UCA (Uniting Communities of America) because it’s a community alliance and basically what we’re doing is, these rinds are similar to how the Girls Scouts of America use their cookies. Some of the proceeds goes towards a community alliance that we’re developing to help with creating jobs, help with community development, help with business development and things like that. We’re looking at making the new staple for Indiana, Wright’s Hoosier-Bac Gourmet Rinds.

“We have various locations where we set up our gourmet rind displays and we also have vendors such as Charlie Bob’s Laundromat, the Marathon gas station on Wayne Trace and Oxford Street, and etc. In the immediate future, we’re looking to sell our gourmet rinds at our ballparks, sporting events at schools, colleges, at Indiana Beach and we’re looking forward to talking with the Indianapolis Colts organization because pretty much, anywhere that has a sports or entertainment venue, we want our rinds available for you.”

Thank you so much Jay and on that note I say, babies check this out: When Jay initially informed me of what he’s doing, I asked him to bring along some samples that I could taste during his interview. But when we met and I listened to everything he had to say, I knew that I wanted to do a taste testing on my own so I could bring them to you. So, out of the 20 flavors I choose three, the Smokey BBQ, Delicious Plain and Tangy Cheese and to me, they were all good. After that, I took them to nine anonymous people and they all said the same exact thing. But Joseph, who was the 10th person had this to say:

“These pork rinds are great! I enjoyed all of the flavors and where can I buy them?” Then he said:

“What makes these rinds different from the other rinds is it’s texture, so it doesn’t matter what flavor they are, it’s texture is the key because they’re not hard or soft but still crunchy and I want to buy some.”

Then some of Fort Wayne Citilink Bus Drivers had this to say about these gourmet rinds:

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers. My name is Albert Wells and I love them. The flavor is seasoned to perfection, no matter which one you choose, even the plain ones are pure perfection.”

Nina Brownlee said:

“I think they’re wonderful and I love them because they taste great and they’re not hard. I love them so much that I’ve bought 15 bags from him already and next week I’m going to buy another 10. I believe in what this young man is doing and I’m supporting him to help him succeed. On my bus route, I share his gourmet rinds with my riders and I also get their input and they’re responses are wonderful. I’m so proud of him for getting out there and making this happen for our taste buds.”

Then, Charlie Bob Wallace of Charlie Bob’s Laundromat had this to say:

“I think these rinds are o—kay. I’m also a vendor and the rinds are sold right out of my vending machine because he has a good product and I want to help him succeed.”

Now in closing I say, great job Jay and I’m very proud of you for two reasons—the first being, that you created a new product to stimulate the people’s taste buds and secondly, you gave your fiancée Kadijah and your Uncle Wright some credit. Much happiness to you. If you’d like to get in touch with Jay Walker he can reached at (260) 402-9841, (260) 580-2252 or So until next week, you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie. Bye, bye babies.

P.S. If you would like The Spotlight shined upon you or someone that you know, all in the name of love, just send me an e-mail to I’d love to hear from ya.

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