Spotlight on Dennis Watson and Ken Miles of WaxTrackz Recording Studio

| May 28, 2014

(Part two of two)

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Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

By Jeanie Summerville

Whatz up, babies?

I hope you enjoyed part one of this spotlight that was brought to you last week because today, we’re going to conclude it with part two. So, on our journey of love as we get to know one another better just sit back, relax and enjoy. Or stand and jump and shout if you want to! You can do that because Frost Illustrated is gonna take you there and this is what was said:

Hello again, Frost Illustrated readers. I’m Ken coming to you from Waxtrackz Recording Studio that’s located at 4225 S. Lafayette Street and on this musical journey, it’s been kind of walk by faith because every time we do what we’re suppose to do, it opens up a whole other door that was never there until we did it. It’s just like, wow!

On that note Wax has this to say. Everything that we do is like a blind walk because when me and Tragic get together and came up with this idea that has never been done here before, it’s like a blind stare and we can see those lights on that car way down the street but we don’t know how fast it’s coming until we actually stay there and do it and we can’t move, we must be sturdy. It’s been plenty of times when Tragic wanted to throw in the towel and I was like, no! Then, when I’d say, man forget this stuff and he’d say, nope I’m coming over anyway because things take time. We’ve been shooting this movie for about two to three years and two or three people that were a part of the movie has passed away since then and they were violent murders. They we’re part of the murder chain that was going on here on the south side of Fort Wayne.

“One of those particular people were Jabron Totton and he was an original investor that we had and was the owner of Gross Earning Enterprise when he was alive. He was the one that did this before we did it or at least tried too because he had the vision and he was a dreamer like us. But he was much older than us and he also helped me buy all of my equipment. Before he passed away, we had just got him in the movie and we tried our hardest for about at least a year or two and then faith walked in and he’s on it.

Ken-After this movie is complete, we plan on showing it wherever we can and we want to do more than just local stuff with it. So we’re going to go for Netflex and a lot of the stores, as well as, in the movie theatres here and we’re working on that now and the sky is the limit and we’re doing this the right way because there’s no half steppin’ with us

Wax-Plus Fort Wayne deserves something to be released through all openings, such as, if they knew they could do something and it would be on the front street or it was allowed to be at the Embassy or that the Rave movie theatre would actually play something that they’ve put together, it would offer a different feeling to people. They treat Ice-Cube’s film a lot more different than what they’d treat ours but if they treated us the same way, it makes people’s faith go a lot higher and it makes the finish line so close because they’d know they can go right around the corner and have a chance instead of going to Atlanta or New York to have that chance. Even if we have just a little bit opened up, we can work it open with what tools we have for projects and they wouldn’t go anywhere.

Ken-As far as us, we have pretty much big music connections. We’re affiliated with Def Jam, Warner Brothers, Virgin Records and we know a lot of celebrities and right now, one of my current tracks, is suppose to be a single is with Mike Jones and we got a lot of other stuff in the wood works. But more than anything, we wanted to bring that hub home because once you get outside of your element, you realize what you’re element is suppose to be capable of and you realize how to use your resources back home vs., I can go to Atlanta and end up spending $300.00 for the same thing that I can get here and pay much less with good quality. So it’s crazy to me, that someone will go to the other side of the world just to find out that you already have it here. Also, here where not fighting for just us, we’re also fighting for the artist and entertainers so anybody that’s serious about their craft, we plan on getting them to the next level and helping them.

Wax-Another thing it’s about is the pride. Sweetwater, has a different kind of pride. Their pride is in their equipment and how good everything is and how expensive everything is and how educated everybody is, which is not a bad thing. But, Waxtrackz pride, is more into what doors are being opened up for people because if I don’t open doors for them, I’m eventually going to die. Because what they think about music, me and Tragic, have to make it our reality and if we don’t make it look good, no one would want to do it. So we make them look good because the pride is in the right place with us. But others, such as Sweetwater, might know the radio stations and have a personal relationship with them and with movie theatres but all these relationships don’t mean anything unless you take the worse part and make it better and then that’s when they will become better or our best portion of our city will become better by making our worst place better.

This is the appropriate steps that we will take you through. Once you call me at (260) 443-5432, the first thing I would do is ask, if you have any music? One big thing about artist is that, they must have music and original music is a must if we want to go further with it. If they don’t have it, I can make them original music on the spot and it shouldn’t take longer than an hour for a vocalist or 15 minutes for a rapper. Next, we’ll record and this process normally takes about one to two hours depending upon if you know the song or not then, we’ll mix down the song and I’ll do this directly after recording because it saves time.

Because I know that a lot of people don’t like to go back to the studio to work on something they’ve already done just to have a chance to see, if they’re going to blow up because music, is like the lottery to people and people play the lottery all the time. This is a gamble for artist because they’re not guarteed to get their return, as much as, they put into it. So, it’s meaningful to drag somebody back into the studio because that kills their spirits on a song and when they take something that they have spent big money on and find out it’s only worth $500.00, they’re not going to want to do music anymore because your mind and vision has left with that song. But, if you can get six, seven or eight songs, then you’ve got two people over here liking them and seven people over there liking them, it’s a bit of a difference because you get more for the buck and for your time.

After all of this takes place, in my first opinion, I would take it to Big Kess but I can’t do that. Take it to 96.3 but I can’t do that. Take it to 107.9 but I can’t do that either. Take it to DJ Special K but I can’t do that. Take it to anybody that you feel is better in the next step. But why are all of these doors closed? Because we don’t understand and that’s why we’re doing this movie. This movie door is wide open and nobody’s better than us in the region and if they are, I hope they want to team up because we have things to do. And, if we choose to go straight movie, that’s still a train for people that’s doing music around here because they can put their music on this movie regardless.

Ken-There are to many rappers and we need people to play a different part to be able to help the other people since everybody want to do the same thing vs. when you step out to your other element, you might be able to help somebody else in a different way. Like now, I actually have the ability to put people in movies and direct the film. So you must ask yourself, do you really want to go to Atlanta, Cali or wherever? Because we actually have those avenues but we would not have them, if we were doing the same thing as everybody else. We strategize on coming up with the new, hottest ideas and to make goals that are accomplishable. As I reflect back on my music experience Paper First Entertainment, was good at the beginning but we wasn’t getting paid back then as artist. So we expanded with Colossal Villains and there were so many people in our ears and we were young, so they would try different tactics to break us up but we had plans, to get together and do all of these bigger things but stuff happened and you live and learn.

Wax-We’re currently closed right now to the public and are only having private sessions because we’re waiting on the completion of our construction, that will consist of three studio’s and also classes will taught to the ones who want to learn how to run a studio and how to record or mix and that should take about three Months. But until then, we’re still working on things for you through our television show on cable public access and everything else from part one of this spotlight.

Now in closing I say, Great job Wax and Tragic and, I hope that your dreams of making others dreams a reality comes true for you and for them and thank you for giving the people the opportunity to look forward to something that can be so wonderful, beautiful and exciting all at the same time. So until next week, you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie. Bye, bye babies.

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P.P.S. I’d like to thank all of you who have been sending me e-mails to give me some feed back on our journey. Keep up the good work & to those who haven’t please feel free to do so because I’d love to hear from you too.

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