Son of man killed in Wisconsin by white supremacist runs for Congress

| April 17, 2014

Once again, the nation deals with the legacy of home grown terrorists. What’s very significant about this development is that a citizen decides to run for public office after coming to the conclusion that professional politicians and lobbyists are never going to act in the best interest of common folk—but they will continue the public relations assault to con folks into believing that they are. While Mr. Kaleka is facing an uphill battle in his campaign, this is a reminder that courage shows when one fights a battle not because he or she is assured of victory but because he or she believes in a principle.

Son of slain Sikh leader runs for Congress on gun safety platform

Would greater controls on gun ownership save lives or simply limit freedom? It is the debate that renews after every mass shooting in the US.

In August 2012 six people were shot dead at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin by a white supremacist.

Frustrated by the lack of action in Congress and what he deemed insufficient attention to the massacre by President Barack Obama, the son of one of the victims is running for Congress on a gun control platform.

James Coomarasamy reports on Amar Kaleka’s upstart challenge to 2012 Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

via BBC News – Son of slain Sikh leader runs for Congress on gun safety platform.

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