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| April 1, 2014

Hear’s an opinion piece you might find of interest. To put this in even better context, check the marijuana-related sentences listed here: Interesting, in a nation that claims the Bible as a guide—which teaches sin is sin with no degree—that certain classes of sins and certain sins of a people of certain classes seem to be more severe for no apparent reasons other than classism, racisim or sexism.

Delaware’s Affluenza Case Affects Justice, Too

As if his crime wasn’t bad enough, the way in which Robert Richards IV’s rape case was handled is the real injustice and exemplifies a truly crooked system.

The blogosphere is afire with outrage: A rich do-nothing given probation for raping his three-year-old daughter! Judge says he “wouldn’t fare well in prison”!  What injustice!

Hold on a sec. The case of Robert Richards IV, the aforementioned do-nothing, is a miscarriage of justice, but not for the reasons bloggers, and some journalists, are screaming about.

First, just to clarify, the crime took place in 2005, and sentencing happened in 2009.  We’re learning about it now because Richards’s ex-wife has filed a civil suit based on the rape. This didn’t just happen yesterday.

Second, while it is unusual (to say the least) that Judge Jan Jurden took Richards’s welfare in prison into account, the real injustice is that by the time Richards was sentenced, he was only convicted of fourth-degree rape, which only calls for a prison term of zero to 2 ½ years. In Delaware, fourth degree rape  is usually applied in cases of “statutory rape,” i.e., sexual intercourse with a minor. Technically, the criminal statute does include non-consensual sex, but normally, that calls for a higher charge.

via Delaware’s Affluenza Case Affects Justice, Too – The Daily Beast.

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