Senator Coats questions wrong man at wrong hearing

| April 4, 2014

You ever have one of those days during which you’re ready to be tough and on the job and … ooops? Our senator did handle it with grace and a nice bit of humor.

Indiana senator: ‘I’m at the wrong hearing’

Tribune staff report

Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) questioned the undersecretary of treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence as part of an appropriations hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Completely normal day in the Senate, right?

Except Coats was actually in the wrong hearing.

After an opening statement and roundabout open question to one of the hearing’s witnesses, a staffer passed Coats a note informing him he was in the wrong hearing room.

“I just got a note saying I’m at the wrong hearing. I’ve got the right room number, but the wrong hearing,” said Coats, chuckling.

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