Faith-based organizations have same message, new technology-dependent audience

| January 19, 2014

By Simon Bray Jr.

Today’s faith-based organizations are not as effective as they could be. This may sound more like an opinion instead of a fact.  However, each different faith-based organization has a purpose for its existence and has expectation of growth or increase around that purpose. Internally the leader(s), administrators and members who support the organization, all have expectations for the organization to succeed and can feel if the organization is not reaching it’s full potential.  Externally, the people,community and world that would benefit from what the faith-based organization has to offer, will be impacted or should I say not impacted.

Simon Bray

Simon Bray

Let me shine light on a hidden potential that any size faith-based organization naturally has that will allow it to achieve the maximum growth or increase.  I will start by asking you to ask yourself this question: Do you feel that you are living in a technology dependent world? I will assume that you answered yes because the rest of this article is based on that assumption.

Faith-based organizations have direct access to their members. Each member has direct access to influence and share with their connections in person and online. So you could draw a circle and in the center put the organization and then each member would be on the circle.  Now draw another circle around that circle and place the connections of each member.  You would end up with a lot of people on the last circle because, lets assume that each member has at least 100 social network friends.  This may seem elementary on the surface, but just think about it, really think about the enormous potential, especially since the number of 100 that was used is very low, as you know how many connections you have.

The reach of any faith-based organization is greater today than ever before. Innovation in technology and the dependence on that technology has created the perfect opportunity.

For more information or to enroll in a free online Cloud Evangelism training class for pastors and leaders of faith-based organization go to: or call 260-918-6049.

Simon Bray Jr. is president of Daily Word Technologies, enabling faith-based communities to stay connected, expand their base and deliver “always-on” services to worshipers at home, work or on the go. He can be reached at

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