Reaching a mobile generation

| January 9, 2014

By Simon Bray Jr.
Special to Frost Illustrated

There is no question that the mobile experience is redefining how and when people engage with each other. The fact is, nearly everyone in the USA has a mobile phone and many have a tablet device, as well. Have you noticed over the past few years, how your usage of your mobile device has become more

Simon Bray

Simon Bray Jr.

integrated into your day to day activities?

How did we get to this point?

It is easy for me to answer that question in a technical way, because of my background in telecommunications, however, the technology is not what is import or the focus. I want to answer that question from the view of the everyday user. At some point in the past, the need to stay connected with people moved us to this point. We followed a natural flow from one method, to the other. Now many of us engage with far more people through a mobile device than face to face. And why not, it is easy, fast and more effective. If you look at the generational age groups, it’s not just the younger generations any longer, the major group captivated by the mobile engagement.

There now exists a tremendous opportunity to enhance outreach through a mobile device. But, it is easier said than done. To have an effective outreach program through mobile, faith-based organizations must establish a culture in their organization that lays a foundation for mobile outreach. I call it Cloud Evangelism, which is simply described as, expanding the Gospel through internet connected innovation. True Cloud Evangelism, starts with the leader of a faith-based organization understanding that social networks and mobile device dependency has established the hedge and highways of today.

Simon Bray Jr. is president of Daily Word Technologies, enabling faith-based communities to stay connected, expand their base and deliver “always-on” services to worshipers at home, work or on the go. He can be reached at

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