Prostate problem detection, treatment can be complex

| April 19, 2014

Whatever the case, consider some time of screening given the prevalence of this problem and how the lack of early detection and treatement adversely affects some populations, such as African American men. Consult your personal physician and a specialist if necessary to help clarify your options.

Prostate worries? Consider treatment information

By Dr. Larry Mulkerin

#“What should I do about my prostate?” you ask.

#If you are 80 years old and need a challenge in life, consider a prostate biopsy. There’s an 80 percent chance you have cancer. If you are 50 years old, the risk of a malignant diagnosis is closer to 50 percent.

#I shun the prostate-specific antigen test for myself, based partly on information, partly on confusion.

#Let’s assume cancer is found and is said to be localized. You are urged to consider treatment. The options include radiation, surgery, hormonal treatment, observation or doing nothing.

#Next month I’ll try to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different therapies.

#My concern is whether any of the interventions work and why important studies show little or no effect of PSA screening on survival.

#So let’s start with the assumption that some of the attacks on prostate screening could expose bad data or a conspiracy by government and/or industry to deny care. Look at the data and decide for yourself.

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