Presidents takes moral high road over congressional inaction

| April 7, 2014

You already know how it’s going to read: Some “folks” are going to make a big deal about the president “acting above the law” and going around Congress when it comes to these matters of federal contractors. Furthermore, they’ll accuse him of “illegally” imposing his will on these fine, upstanding business folks. Of course, those critics ignore the notion that in a “Christian” nation, the higher moral obligation is to look after the oppressed, including the working poor and that “laborer is worthy of his wage.” Interesting that some people always object to ANY provisions that would give more real freedom and opportunity to working class folks. Funny that these same people would laud a Supreme Court decision to allow rich oligarchs to give as much money as possible to political campaigns in the name of “free speech,” but want to tell workers they can’t use “free speech” to discuss their wages with each other. Maybe we’re confused—but we don’t think so. Once again, the most powerful weapon for keeping an oligarchy in power, such as the one that rules the U.S., is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is what allows oligarch to hide behind such catch labels as “conservative,” which really means “I want the right to do as I please because I can afford it, but I want you to be forever subservient to me.” Again, we think it’s funny that folks worry about a “New World Order” but don’t understand that the very people who tell them to beware of such are in fact the people who already have established it. Folks, they’ve purchase your freedom—no, they didn’t pay for you to be free, they’ve bought you into slavery. Think about it: Who touts freedom but wants to tell you what books you can read, what movies you can see, what religion you can practice, who you can have in your bedroom and with whom you can associate? Remember that next time you stand on the platform and wave a flag with these folks. They’ll talk about freedom but really want to step on yours.

Obama imposes his policies directly on federal contractors, in ‘year of action’

Obama_job3.jpgPresident Obama in the East Room of White House, in Washington, D.C.AP

President Obama is imposing his policies directly on federal contractors.This week, he will sign an executive order that would prohibit federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss their pay with each other. The prohibition on the wage “gag rules” is similar to language in a Senate bill aimed at closing a pay gap between men and women. That legislation is scheduled for a vote this week, though it is not likely to pass.In addition, Obama on Tuesday will direct the Labor Department to adopt regulations requiring federal contractors to provide compensation data based on sex and race. The president will sign the executive order and the presidential memo during an event at the White House where he will be joined Lilly Ledbetter, whose name appears on a pay discrimination law Obama signed in 2009.This week’s steps showcase Obama’s efforts to take action without congressional approval and illustrate how even without legislation, the president can drive policy on a significant segment of the U.S. economy. At the same time, it also underscores the limits of his ambition when he doesn’t have the backing of Congress for his initiatives.

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