Pope Francis emulates Jesus, washes feet of flock, others “not of the fold”

| April 17, 2014

Once again, this pope decides to emulates Jesus rather than worry about the politics of modern religion. And, rather than worry so much about liturgy and ceremony, Pope Francis has chosen to focus on the liberating message of Christianity, following the teachings of Christ to show love and mercy to all people, particularly those burdened in any way. His concern for the poor and sick, acknowledgement of the churches transgressions against those whom it was supposed to serve, compassion for those considered “social lepers” and self-identification as a common “sinner” along with the rest of us could signal a transformation, not only for the Catholic Church, but also Christianity as a whole. It will be interesting to see how he impacts the world’s understanding of Christianity.

Pope Francis washes feet of disabled, including elderly Muslim

ROME: Pope Francis washed the feet of a dozen elderly and disabled people including a Libyan Muslim during an Easter ritual in Rome on Thursday imitating Jesus Christ’s humility.

The 77-year-old bent down with difficulty to wash and kiss the feet of the nine Italians and three foreigners aged between 16 and 86 years old at the Don Carlo Gnocchi foundation’s Santa Maria della Provvidenza centre.

Francis arrived in a Ford Focus to cheers from crowds and stopped to speak with elderly and disabled people gathered at the centre’s modern Church in Rome’s suburbs, before picking up a silver urn of water and a white towel, and kneeling in front of the chosen 12.

“It was the slaves, the servants who washed the dirt from the street off the feet of arriving guests. Jesus did a slave’s job. He is God and became our servant,” the pope said.

via Pope Francis washes feet of disabled, including elderly Muslim – The Times of India.

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