Polls, blame and race: The Obama numbers

| March 16, 2014

Legendary country and western singer Merle Haggard put it like this:

“I don’t think we can blame it all on one black man.”

Haggard, often known as the “Poet of the Common Man,” and especially for iconic hit “Okie From Muskogee”—what some mistakenly take as and endorsement of a right wing political posture in America (rather than commentary on what Haggard was seeing)  was responding in 1 2012 interview with CNN. Much to the shock, we suppose of many, Haggard refused to take the stereotypical view of a great number of his music colleagues in equating flag waving while bashing the U.S. president with patriotism. If you can track it down, we suggest you read what Haggard had to say, especially since his comments seemed to be ignored by a number of “popular” television news organs and radio talk show hosts. Meanwhile, whether you agree with Obama’s policies or not, you have to agree that the media attacks and attempts to characterize him as the devil have had an unprecedented level of energy spent in just defeating him—even if it means sending the country straight down the tubes.

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President Barack Obama

On the other hand, we have an interesting question, or perhaps observation, to make. If these poll number are correct about the country is divided in half about Obama, despite what many would have us believe, he enjoys a very significant amount of support among white folks. After all, there aren’t enough black and brown folks in the country to account for a 50 percent approval rating. Just saying…

Fact-checking the March 16 news shows
Aaron Sharockman, PunditFact Editor

Have President Barack Obama’s poll numbers turned a corner?

Meet the Press moderator David Gregory said Sunday that Obama’s approval number remained at 41 percent, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. That’s low, but not historically dismal.

Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer offered a brighter outlook in response. (It’s no shock that he’d try.)

“Public polls, they’re all over the map,” Pfeiffer told Gregory. But, Pfeiffer said, “We’re working our way back. If you look at the aggregate of public polling, we’ve gained 3 points in the last couple months.”

via Fact-checking the March 16 news shows | Tampa Bay Times.

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