Politicians with money don’t want you to have any

| April 30, 2014

Remember, this measure will be blocked by people who are doing quite well. So, next time they tell you they are are voting in the best interest of you or a family member who might be working for minimum wage, think. THINK!

Senate likely to block bill to increase federal minimum wage

Published April 30, 2014Associated Press

121111sfminwage.jpgDecember 7, 2011: Workers prepare for lunch in the kitchen at the Palio D’Asti restaurant in San Francisco.AP

WASHINGTON –  Hemmed in by solid Republican opposition, the Senate seems ready to hand a fresh defeat to President Obama by blocking an election-year bill increasing the federal minimum wage.

Democrats, aware that the measure faces all but certain rejection Wednesday in the chamber they control, plan to use the vote to buttress their campaign theme that the GOP is unwilling to protect financially struggling families.

“Americans understand fairness, and they know it’s unfair for minimum-wage workers to put in a full day’s work, a full month’s work, a full year’s work, and still live in poverty,” the measure’s sponsor, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, said Tuesday.

via Senate likely to block bill to increase federal minimum wage | Fox News.

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